Understanding the Risks That Come With Short Term Renting

A huge number of homeowners in America are renting rooms in their homes (or the entire home) to short-term tenants and even travelers. They are using one of the many online rental platforms that specialize in this business. The aim is to make some extra cash that is then used in making rental and mortgage payments for the properties. People living in expensive areas and neighborhoods find this to be an economical way to meet mortgage payment demands.

However, despite the rising growth of this business, many homeowners are ignorant of the many challenges and risks that come with short-term renting to strangers and travelers.

1. Homeowner’s Insurance Policies Do Not Extend to Short Term Rentals

Many insurance policies do not cover owners who rent their properties on a short term basis. This is because this coverage is often viewed as quite risky and uneconomical by the insurance company. In order to protect one’s assets, the homeowner should either get a complete business liability policy, upgrade their policy or add a rider that ensures that they are covered. They could also decide to only rent to tenants with insurance coverage.

2. Increased Risk
Tenants often increase the risk of damage to a property as opposed to family and friends more so if they rent short-term.

3. Inadequate Coverage from Online Rental Platforms

Online rental platforms only offer a guarantee of insurance and not actually a full coverage. It is only accessible after the home owner proves that they have exhausted all other avenues.

Richard Blair

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