Understanding Cotemar Mexico Services and Values

Cotemar is a reputable provider for the Mexican oil and gas industry. This ISO 9001 certified company provides services such as food and accommodation, construction, maintenance and modernization of offshore structure and specialized vessel services. The company has three subsidiaries, each specializing in one service.

  • Apoyo Logistico Marino

This subsidiary provides specialized vessel services including firefighting, vessels to carry food and personnel and tag boats that are built to carry large structures.


  • Cacinos del Mar

Cacinos del Mar is another one of their subsidiary. This subsidiary deals in the offshore provision of food and accommodation services. This branch also specializes in the cleaning of common areas and offer services to each cabin. They also take care of ironing and laundry services.


  • Servicios de la Industria Petrolera

The last subsidiary is the Servicios de la Industria Petrolera. This is the engineering body of this company. They are involved in the innovation and modernization of rigs. They also offer offshore processing centers for the company’s clients. subsidiary



Cotemar is governed by the following values;

  • Integrity

Employees at Cotemar are trained to execute their duties wih the highest level of integrity. It is crucial for them to maintain honesty and transparency whether at work or off work. They are taught to always act in a way that reflects the true image of the company.


  • Reliability

Cotemar believes that it is in their best interest to always leave their customers satisfied. For that reason, they work hard to deliver their promise, always within the given timelines.


  • Humility

Cotemar values teamwork. They are ready to implement creative inputs from their staff. For this reason, they are always improving and coming up with creative strategies for their service delivery.


  • Innovation

Cotemar believes that innovation is key when it comes to serving a dynamic industry such as the oil and gas sector. They encourage the generation of ideas aimed at making their services better and of greater value to their customers.