Understanding America One Bus Stop at a Time

Doug Levitt was recently interviewed by Diane Rehm on Public Radio. Levitt, once a correspondent based in London, decided to chronicle his adventures traveling across America aboard Greyhound buses. Buses are almost forgotten as a means to travel; even trains are looked down on by the ever expanding jet-set. His collection of stories aptly named the Greyhound Diaries examines common life in America; the life forgotten by many whose ideas of happiness are centered on having money and power. All in the Family has been replaced by The Kardashians.

There was a social revolution during the 1960’s when hippies and others combating staid, conservative society boldly formed a new culture in which people returned to nature and the simple life.

Levitt also sings, plays guitar and writes songs. His approach is similar to that of Johnny Cash and his music about the hard life in America. Woody Guthrie wrote music and sang about the common man in America. Folk singers and their songs more fully represent the culture of America than popular music.

Once, after finishing a week hiking the Appalachian trail, I left the trail for the highway and felt that cars were streaking by, traveling too fast, the birds flying near the highway hardly had time to escape being struck.  Another time flying from New York to Miami; looking out the window at the beauty of the Florida coast and the adjacent Intercoastal Waterway, I was reminded of a time I sailed that same channel moving only a little faster than walking speed. I thought I might recognize some of the areas because of my earlier, slower voyage, and I could; there miles below me was the Matanzas Inlet near St. Augustine where I took my eyes off the channel markers watching a sandy beach, strayed and bumped on a sand bar.

Doug Levitt’s efforts; his writings, and songs, should be read and heard by all of us.
Listen to the recording here: https://soundcloud.com/doug-levitt

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