The Wellness Philosophy of Dr. Dov Rand

As more and more people are living longer and longer today, it’s no surprise that physicians who specialize in wellness and keeping people vital and strong are very much sought after. This is the case for Dr. Dov Rand, who is a doctor who takes a positive, “whole body and mind” approach in his treatment of patients. Dr. Rand, founder of the Healthy Aging Wellness Centers, is an expert in new treatments that target some of the problems people face as they age. His expertise in the use of natural Bioidentical hormones to ease menopausal symptoms in women, (like hot flashes and mood swings) has made Dr. Dov Rand a much sought after physician for patients who appreciate the whole body approach to wellness. He also uses cutting-edge technology, like shockwave therapy, to treat the symptoms of erectile dysfunction in men.

An Overall Approach to Health

Dr. Rand, who is a graduate of the Howard University Medical School, is a doctor who truly practices what he preaches, as far as staying healthy goes. For Dov Rand, taking care of the body with good nutrition, supplements and regular exercise are the key to staying fit, young and healthy. He follows a regular regime of yoga classes and also does weight training to stay fit. He is also a major proponent of the philosophy that keeping the mind sharp by reading and staying curious is essential to staying youthful.

According to Dr. Rand, it’s easy to become complacent about the aging process, and give in to it. It’s his feeling that we all have to keep fighting against it in order to stay young and vital, and that’s exactly the course he follows. Dr. Rand stays active with ongoing courses in continuing education and he’s not one to sit back and let his body give in to a sedentary lifestyle. According to Dr. Dov Rand, by staying active and vital, all of us have the chance to live longer, healthier lives, and keep age at bay, which is really how it’s meant to be.

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