The Career of Entrepreneur Chris Burch

Chris Burch has established himself as one of the more well known entrepreneurs in a variety of industries. He recently made the list of billionaires for Forbes magazine. Burch got an early start in his career when he worked at a construction company with his father. This experience inspired Chris to work hard to achieve his goals. It would also encourage him to get involved in the real estate industry. Over the next several years, Chris would look for a number of ways to make money. Along with finding ways to make money, Chris made sure that they were through activities that he was truly passionate about. This helped lead him to achieving high levels of success during his career. As of right now, Chris runs companies such as Burch Creative Capital where he serves as the founder and chief executive officer. This company specializes in developing a number of brands for companies and investors.

When achieving his success in business, Burch looked to develop his personal legacy as well. The main focus of his legacy is that he wants to develop a path for other to achieve success. By providing a path for others to follow on their road to success, Chris will believe that he has truly given back to his community. Part of what has already contributed to his legacy is his passion, determination and innovation. These personal characteristics have enabled Chris to establish himself as one of the top entrepreneurs in the world.  More to read on

One notable thing about Chris is that he has been involved in a number of different businesses. Over the course of his career, Burch has put together companies in the fashion, real estate and resort industry. Like a number of entrepreneurs, Chris stated that his road to success was difficult but it reaped quite a few rewards anyway.   Additional reading on

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After achieving high levels of success throughout his career, Burch has looked to give back to his community. As a result, he often participates in a number of charitable activities. He provides funding for educational institutions, medical facilities and organizations that contribute to child welfare. Along with these causes, Chris has also been involved in providing real estate projects in order to benefit international communities. For updates on his recent timeline activities, hit

The real estate projects have been able to allow citizens in other countries to get needed shelter and adequate living spaces. With all of these contributions, Chris Burch has established himself as a leading philanthropist as well as an entrepreneur.  For further reference, head over to

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