Ted Bauman is helping investors stay safe and profitable

That title may sound like an oxymoron in the investments world, but Mr Bauman has made it happen. Mr Bauman is a financial journalist. He currently works as Editor at Banyan Hill publishing. He edits The Bauman, a newsletter aptly named after him; the Plan B and another insightful newsletter from Banyan Hill, the Alpha Stock Alert. In addition, he has a barrage of articles and publications to his belt.

Ted Bauman joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013. Preceding this, he held varied positions that saw him travel across the globe as fund manager as well as research and writing consultant for different agencies in the private and not for profit sectors. Mr Bauman holds a Postgraduate degree in Economics and History from the University of Cape Town in South Africa. It is worth noting that as a trained Economist, he has chosen to help others understand and control their space in the finance and investment markets.

An expert in asset protection, Ted Bauman, is best placed to give investment advice when it comes to understanding how taxes affect your earning and portfolios. The recent changes to tax legislation provide a case in point where Mr Bauman offers valuable insights on how best you could protect your investments and incomes. This applies to both individual and institutional investors.

And Ted Bauman’s expertise does not stop there. His other strengths include, finance and international migration, a subject which having been a globetrotter himself, Mr Bauman is quite familiar with. Financial privacy and minimal risk investments for the investors that prefer to play it safe are also in his forte.

The words Ethereum, Bitcoin and Crypto-currency seem to be flowing from everyone’s lips in recent times. Ted Bauman offers serious advice on these new financial vessels. He suggests a wary approach to investing in crypto-currency as this market is still relatively new and greatly misunderstood. He actually insists on us calling these investments, Crypto-assets and not currencies as we all commonly refer to them.

Here is a financial journalist with a deeper understanding of the American Tax systems, multinational investments and the ability to roll his expertise into a wealth of valuable information that helps investors to boost their returns. Ignore Ted Bauman’s advice at your own peril.

An investments expert that can not only cross international boundaries but also wade across different industries (ask Ted Bauman about the hottest mining stocks), Mr Bauman adds to the breadth of experts that form the core of Banyan Hill Publishing, placing it at the apex of finance and investment publishers of reckon. Ted Bauman is not only a great financial journalist, he is also a great international economist, and with more than twenty five years in experience, few people can beat that. Learn more:https://tedbaumanguru.tumblr.com/