Technology and Fashion Integration by Chris Burch

According To Chris Burch, technology and fashion have had various changes that have made each industry change in a unique manner. The change has seen the fashion industry as well as technology industry grow into something bigger and have lead to the collaboration of both to produce great products. Currently, fashion without technology cannot work, and technology cannot be realized without fashion. Since 1970’s, the technology has seen significant advancement from jukeboxes to cassettes to Walkman to iPods and later to music sticks that are small and classy. As technology advanced, so did the fashion. Technology developed through producing different versions but fashion determined the design of the device.

Recently, there have been drastic changes involving significant fashion discoveries from various designers. The developers later use the design platform to demonstrate how technology goes hand in hand with technology. For instance, with the advanced technology to tap the kinetic and static energy and convert it into electrical energy, Soledad Martin is creating a prototype of a shoe that can charge a cell phone as you walk. Other examples of technology and fashion synthesis include the discovery of SegraSegra who made a jacket out of recycled bicycle tubes. Telesa Austin and Anna Aupt devised and designed a dress with an airbag around the neck to protect motorcycle drivers in case of a crash. The airbag fitted dress reduces the stress of visibility obstruction by the helmet.

Past fashion inventions by great designers have proved how fashion can be integrated with technology to create trendy designs. The new firefighter’s gloves, drink-making dress, and a gown that would tap kinetic energy to run a watch are some inventions that would not happen without the involvement of technology in the fashion industry. The future lies in the hands of technology and equally in the hands of fashion.

Chris Burch is the current Chief Executive Officer at Burch Creative Capital located in New York City. He is also the co-founder of Tory Burch a luxury fashion brand. Christopher Burch has always been devoted to the power of branding and believes that giving a product the right brand name and market it correctly leads to its subsequent massive sale.  Read his important interview on

Burch is a member of many boards and advice organizations of creating and implementing sound strategies in financial fields and marketing field.  More to read on

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Chris Burch is a significant private investor lead by enthusiasm to create and establish companies dealing with the marketing of various products. He is the owner of Nihiwatu and a co-founder of Poppin.  Hop over to and read about his awesome resort in Nihiwatu.  He is also a great contributor to various magazines posting articles on various emerging issues. Chris is a role model to many and takes part in many entrepreneurial conferences addressing the youth on how to succeed as young entrepreneurs in the competitive world.

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