Stream Energy, Leading Renewable Energy Provider Empowers Its Female Leaders To Shine At The Annual Retreat

Stream Energy, although a relative new-comer in the renewable energy sector, has successfully established itself as one of the leaders that contribute to the lives of its customers while cleaning up the environment. This natural energy direct seller has ensured that thousands of customers get affordable and eco-friendly solutions for their homes and offices. This company believes in harnessing the unleashed powers of Nature while cleaning up the planet one home at a time. Get details on Stream Energy at


As pioneers in the sector of renewable energy, the leaders of Stream Energy, believe with conviction that, for them to excel at their jobs, their teams need to be able to understand each other during business hours as well as trust each other and communicate their objectives in more than just an acceptable way. To reach this goal, Stream Energy conducts annual retreats every year, and this year’s retreat was held over the weekend for the Women Of Power group. The team outing had an exciting theme, “’Shine” as it aimed to help the female leaders working for Stream Energy be better versions of themselves without having to compromise of what makes them great leaders, their true selves. Learn more about Stream Energy at GCReport.


The sole intention of this year’s annual retreat was to help their company’s female leaders, understand ways and means of building their self-confidence as well as help their teammates develop similar confidence levels. This was done through various confidence boosting activities and workshops led by renowned authors and other important people who have achieved success and were willing to share their insights. The presentations held during the seminars elaborated on various ways to visualize goals better especially in the business environment. Effective techniques that allow participants to develop various new skills based on communication and cultivating the art of implanting these skills while in a live setting were also highlighted during this retreat.


The result of the weekend was that the female leaders that had walked into the venue honing certain skills had come out of the same venue two days later, equipped with a new skill set to better themselves while helping their customers get the needed solutions for a clean and green life.