Some of the Life Activities of Charles Koch

Charles Koch is a well-known business man and philanthropist. He was born on November 1st 1935. He is the current Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Koch Industries. He inherited the business from his father when it was originally involved in oil refining and chemicals.

Charles Koch is also a political donor and on numerous occasions, he has contributed to the Republican Party, libertarian groups and cultural institutions. He has also founded the Koch Cultural Trust where he supports creative artists. Charles has also received various awards and honors such as President’s Medal from Wichita University and Honorary Doctor of Laws from Babson College.

George Mason University has been getting a lot of publicity due to the numerous donations from Charles Koch. Since 2011to 2014, the Charles Koch Foundation has given almost $48 million to George Mason University. The donations are not in monetary terms alone. Charles Koch contribution to the school has raised eyebrows since other universities are not getting the same amounts of donations. According to tax records, other universities are getting an average of $1 million from the foundation. Donations from billionaires in the US is not an unusual thing but Charles Koch motives towards George Mason University are been questioned. Coming to his defense are his representative who maintain that all these is done without any conditions whatsoever.

Most boards and institutes in George Mason are made up of individuals who have very close relations with Koch and his brother. According to Council for Aid to Education, that promotes corporate help to universities and colleges, Charles Koch has given over $44.6 million in the year 2013. The University’s law school recently reported of a $10 million donation from Charles Koch Foundation. The funds given to the University are also directed to its Institute for Humane Studies where Charles Koch is the Chairman of the Board. The dedication towards George Mason University is attributed to Richard Fink who is an executive vice president of Koch Industries. On the university’s board sits Kimberly Dennis whose close ties with Koch Industries arises from being the president and CEO of Searle Freedom Trust. Some students have been on the forefront in questioning the university to give an explanation of this close and budding relationship with the Kochs. This is just part of the greater movement that is questioning the Kochs’ motives.

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