Self-determined Advocate Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy Goldstein is an expert in law being an Attorney General. He also specialized as a business lawyer with more than fifteen years’ experience. Corporations approach him when in need of advice regarding legal matters. He has a law firm in New York Jeremy Goldstein & Associates, LLC.



Major Roles



Jeremy Goldstein has played significant roles in different performing companies. Examples of the groups include Chevron, Merck, and Duke Energy. He was a board member of the Fountain House which is an esteemed law journal.



Jeremy Goldstein &Associates, LLC



He is a partner at Jeremy Goldstein & Associates, LLC, a boutique law firm dedicated to advising various committees. He concentrates his practice on sensitive corporate issues. During corporate transactions, he guides the chief executive officers and management groups.



Jeremy Goldstein is an associate at the American Bar Association business sector to ensure compliance with his clients. Jeremy Goldstein was involved in the most exceptional acquisition of corporate transactions. Including the Goodrich acquisition by united technologies.



He is among the leading lawyers in the United States. As a result, he acquired elevation as a top executive. He participates as well in compensation Attorney legal matters. Jeremy Goldstein has engaged in most mergers and acquisition companies in New York where he was the chairman.



Jeremy Goldstein Motivating employers



Most corporations face problems in issuing stocks, employees do not receive stock options from their employers. Because value of shares drops drastically. Making it impossible for employees to exercise their options.



Jeremy Goldstein provides a solution, urging employers to embrace the knock out option. The options have investment requirements and limits which are at a bar. Subsequently, acting complements to their problems.



In conclusion, he participates in many activities at the school of law in New York. Jeremy Goldstein gives back to the society by supporting the residents with mental problems courtesy of the Fountain House of board members.


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