Roberto Santiago: Brazil’s Real Estate and Entertainment Guru

Roberto Santiago is a highly successful Brazilian investor and the brains behind Manaira Shopping Mall, a premier lifestyle destination in central Brazil. Construction of the facility started in 1987. Since then, numerous amenities have been incorporated to make the mall one of the leading shopping facilities in Brazil. This has in turn catapulted its owner to national attention. Besides its ideal location, Manaira Shopping Mall offers clients irresistible entertainment and shopping options.


The All-in-One Concept


The imposing shopping mall has continued attracting visitors in droves due to the diversity of its fun, leisure, and recreational options. Roberto supervised the design and construction of the mall, and thus nothing was left chance. Being an entrepreneur in the entertainment industry, he sought to incorporate facilities that would distinguish Manaira from other shopping malls. Manaira was among the first shopping malls in Brazil to feature enchanting movie theaters, restaurants, bowling alleys, leisure areas, food stores, indoor gardens, and hyper stores under one roof.


Ultimate Leader in Recreation, Fun, and Entertainment


Before establishing Manaira, Mr. Santiago had already built an enviable entertainment empire. This explains why he sought to incorporate an array of trendsetting entertainment features. Manaira features 11 fully equipped and breathtaking movie theaters, which attract hundreds of movie lovers especially on weekends. Three of the theaters are equipped with the latest 3D streaming technology. Besides this, the availability of bar service and refreshments make the theaters to stand out from similar facilities in the country.


Entertainment for kids is also catered for. This is attested to by the presence of gaming stations that were specially designed with kids in mind. For instance, the Game Station covers an extensive area of over 1800 square meters and features 200 gaming machines that target kids. Shoppers who visit the mall alongside their kids can hang out at the bowling arcade. What’s more, the mall houses a bank and college. This explains why it has been described as a mini city by its visitors.


Mr. Santiago’s Rise in the Corporate World


Santiago’s name is legendary within Brazil’s corporate scene. Besides Manaira Shopping Mall, he also owns Mangabeira Shopping Mall, an equally outstanding facility. Roberto made a name for himself during the 1980’s by being one of the most successful young entrepreneurs in Brazil. Manaira was constructed while he was in his 20’s. This proves his longevity in the industry, and how well he understands it.


Mr. Santiago is a native of Joao Pessoa. He studied at Pio X Marist College before proceeding to the University of Joao Pessoa for his undergraduate studies in business administration. After graduation, he out as a writer, something that opened up his mind to the endless investment opportunities in Brazil. Before making inroads into the real estate market, Roberto was running a cartonage business, which is still in operation.


Chris Burch’s Latest Success in the Hospitality Sector

Chris Burch is known to be the entrepreneur behind some of the world’s leading retail brands. Most notable of these brands are Tory Burch and C. Wonder. He has, however, recently shifted interest into a different sector, that of hospitality. In 2012, alongside renowned hotelier James McBride, Burch purchased a beach hostel in Indonesia on an island called Sumba. After spending about $30 million in renovation, they reopened the place as a new resort known as Nihiwatu three years later.

Just one year after its launch, Travel + Leisure recognized Nihiwatu as the best hotel on the planet. In an interview in 2015, Burch stated that he had invested in the hotel for his children.  Check for the article.   He also added that he had done so to give back to the community and preserve the same. According to him, Nihiwatu has spawned into more than was anticipated. It offers opportunities to partake in activities that wouldn’t be able to be done in ordinary places. Additional article to read on

Nihiwatu comprises 27 villas including Chris Burch’s home, the Raja Mendaka. The Raja Mendaka has the main house and four additional villas. These villas each have a plunge pool. The resort has become the largest employer in the island and contributed to the Sumba Foundation. This foundation aims to fund projects that will benefit the local community. The resort offers surfing, a wellness center, beach spas and traditional antiques. Burch and McBride are looking to expand the business into Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

About Chris Burch

Chris Burch is an American entrepreneur and Burch Creative Capital CEO and Founder. He is a serial entrepreneur and is involved in different businesses across various sectors. The most popular brand he is involved in is the luxury fashion label, Tony Burch. Other areas that Burch is involved include hospitality, technology, apparel, consumer products, and finance. Burch stated business back in college at Itchica where he co-founded Eagle Eye apparel which he sold after generating $165 million.  Check

Burch had the role of a board member of Guggenheim Capital and The Continuum Group. His first financial success Eagle Eye apparel spawned into a multi-million business with an initial investment just $2,000. He and his co-founder sold this company to Swire Group after which he invested in Internet Capital Group. Burch was able to find the perfect balance between implementation and innovation. This enabled him always succeed in his investments probably because of his great entrepreneurial brain and understanding of consumers.  More to read about Burch here.

Read insights from Burch on this article,

Nihiwatu’s Creative Hospitality Which Represents Chris Burch’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

Nihiwatu is an Indonesian word that translates to ‘the edge of wilderness’. It is the name of a five-star world class hotel on the West Coast of Sumba in Indonesia that began operating in 2015. The hotel is a renovation by the entrepreneur Chris Burch and his partner James McBride. The two spent $30 million to purchase the hotel in 2012 and renovate it to become a giant among predecessors in the hospitality fair. The exquisite place earned a space in the Travel + Leisure magazine published in 2016, naming it the best hotel of the year. Check this on

Chris revealed that he gained interest in the project after getting blown away by the organic beauty of the island and the potential of the complete project. He explained that such property is not simply a revenue generating asset, it is an appealing place that offers opportunities not easily available in other areas. More importantly, it has immeasurable opportunities for locals to gain jobs and other economic benefits from the array of activities available. Chris revealed that the finished project surpassed his expectations, making it one of his few entrepreneurial projects that pass that mark.   Be sure to click on to read a relevant article about Burch.

Nihiwatu runs the Sumba Foundation which has a specialization in giving back to the local community. The hotel has a total of 27 private villas, each of which has a plunge pool overlooking the Indian Ocean. The main villa, Raja Mendaka, belongs to Chris Burch but is open to clients when he is not in the region. The Raja Mendaka has a vast indoor and outdoor entertainment space and four extra villas. There are two tree houses which are connected by a bamboo bridge. The main one houses a living space and a private infinity pool. Both of them have bathrooms, balconies and a bedroom.   Interesting article to read here.

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Nihiwatu visitors have an array of exotic and exciting activities to engage in. The spa space is situated on the ocean front, providing a serene atmosphere. The hotel’s yoga instructors accommodate newbies and expert alike. Other engagements include surfing, which attracts world renowned surfers. Trainers are available throughout for prospective surfers and learned ones alike to advice on the status of the ocean. People who prefer a more silent area take lessons in the nearby village in accompaniment of expert trainers. Nihiwatu has options of allowing visitors to customize excursion trips in nearby destinations which have breathtaking waterfalls, mountains, and lagoons perfect for swimming. Chris revealed that he is set to take up a similar project in Costa Rica and Nicaragua in the next coming years.  More to read on

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Development of Both Technology and Fashion

Chris Burch is a well-known entrepreneur. He has stayed in the industry for more than 40 years. He mostly deals with technology, real estate and fashion. He is greatly contributed to the establishment for over 50 companies since he began his career. He is the founder and the CEO of Burch Creative Capital.  Visit the company website, click on and have an overview of the company’s portfolio investments.

Enlargement, provision and scales are the major keys that help in the expansion of the company because Chris Burch is able to improve companies and making them better using his entrepreneurship experience to know fresh trends in the market. The persistent of hard work he sets it to assist the company to innovate valuable trademarks that make the lives of the customers improve.   To read insights and views from Burch, hit on

Fashion and technology together it’s clear they are much more in common, they cannot do with each other apart, and they both go toe to toe with each other.

The boom box was well-known and used in the year 1970 when entertainment was involved since people walk around with them when they listening to their music. The two cassette decks were also known music player in those early days to, it was used as music and recording equipment. Later on in the early 90s music was improved to a higher level through the invention of Walkman. Technology made music to improve over the years and expand.

Fashion is great but it will make more sale in the market, so fashion requires technology in order to make more sales and reach the top level it deserves. The airbag for a cyclist is a trending fashion that is linked with technology it was made by Teresa Alstin and Anna Haupt. It is designed in a way that it is able to guard cyclist if any danger occurs.  Related article to read on

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The trend of technology and fashion continues with the frontline gloves that were made by Kevin Cannon and Ashwin Rajan which helps the Firefighter to be able to protect them by alerting one another.  For more of Burch, head over to

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Meet Bumble BFF, Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe the CEO of Bumble app is on a mission to change the dating scene. The 27-year-old is quite the trailblazer as she has been successful in her entrepreneurship ventures, and has even been named as one of 2017’s Forbes 30 Under 30.

Whitney Wolfe started her first business when she was only 19 and it entailed selling bamboo tote bags, whose sales benefited the victims of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill. She was a co-founder of Tinder but left in March 2014 due to sexual harassment.

On leaving Tinder, Whitney Wolfe an anti bullying advocate had intended to start an app called Merci which was to be a chat room for positivity where girls could chat and share photos. She then received an email from Andrey Andreev the CEO and founder of Badoo and her current Bumble business partner, who encouraged her to do something on dating, an online platform of sorts. He felt she was better off doing something she was familiar with that is, the dating space and that is how Bumble came about. Bumble has employed 35 people worldwide and its headquarters is in Austin Texas.

Bumble is a female centered app that seeks to protect women from cyber bullying, and women get to make the first move. Reportedly, in its first eight months of operation, Bumble had over 500,000 users and according to the New York Times every month the app was registering 10 billion swipes and 800 million matches. Then Bumble BFF happened. Bumble BFF came about when Whitney Wolfe noticed that users were not only using it to find romantic partners but also making friendships.

Bumble BFF is a module within the dating app. It aims at connecting users who are too busy to socialize and do not have time to make genuine friendships. One can sign in through Facebook and it is easy to log in as Facebook pulls all the information and no one on your Facebook profile will see that you are on the app. It is an amazing invention for women by women.

The Experts at UKV PLC Bring Succes to Wine Investors Across the Planet

The experts at UKV PLC have recently been discussing the many different options open to customers when investments are being made in the finest wines available from some of Europe’s largest and best respected vineyards and wineries. Wine investing is often seen as the reserve of the wealthiest few who come from families involved in wine trading for centuries; in the 21st centuries the traditional financial barriers in the wine industry are breaking down and many individuals are looking to start their own collections. Another option recommended by UKV PLC is to join a group of wine investors dedicated to the creation of their own extensive wine collection.

The choice of joining a wine investment group should come with the added need to develop a relationship between the investment fund and an expert wine consultancy agency, such as UKV PLC. The experts as UKV PLC have spent many years seeking to develop their brand into one of the most important in the U.K. and on the global markets, by building relationships with winemakers at the leading vintners and vineyards, and at those vineyards that are up and coming UKV PLC finds itself able to source almost any wine that is produced and requested by their ever increasing list of clients.

Investing in fine wines should also include the chance to enjoy a growing level of expertise offered by UKV PLC in terms of the financial side of the wine industry. Taxation is something that only experts in the wine industry can truly understand and comes with a series of difficult questions that must be answered by leading investors; a good example of the difficulties of understanding U.K. wine investment rules is the fact older wines are often classed as decaying by the British government and not part of the myriad of taxation rules. Read more about UKV PLC.

The trading floor of UKV PLC has been offering a high level of understanding and expertise over recent years as the list of clients for the group has grown with the relationship between the company and independent experts has grown to make UKV PLC an expert in the sale of fine wines on the open market.


Kim Dao Heads To London!

Kim Dao starts her video with her cute dog. She has been very busy lately with traveling on a daily basis. She was feeling extremely tired so she took a small break from doing videos. She stayed in the house the previous day. There wasn’t much content to record but she took she showed a clip of her and the dog. She is leaving Korea and heading to London soon. She is currently packing her luggage for her trip. Learn more:


Kim Dao is about to meet up with Joan. They meet up at a restaurant for lunch. Their food arrives. They ordered a platter with a variety of food to share. Kim Dao wants a drink before going back home to pack. She also does some shopping. She wants to purchase a few presents for friends because she will be staying with them in London. They bought some makeup for them. Kim Dao answers some of the questions from her followers. She explains what she does to prevent her skin from breaking out when she travels. She also explains how she handles flying on a plane. Learn more:


She finish packing and change clothes. Then she is heading to the airport. Kim Dao finally arrives at the airport. She orders a chicken quesadilla set from Taco Bell before she heads to the gate for boarding. Since she has a few minutes before she has to board, she does her pre-flight routine. She arrives in Thailand and prepares to get some sleep. Learn more:


Kim Dao’s video here.


George Soros: The Hedge Fund Owner Trying To Bring Change To Political Systems

George Soros is a businessman and an entrepreneur who is known to be the owner of one of the biggest hedge funds in the entire world. He is known for his incredible amount of skill and knowledge in the field of finance. He is a graduate of the London School of Economics who came to the United States to make it big in the field of finance. Since a very young age, George Soros has always wanted to make a difference to the world but knew he would need a lot of money to do so. Entering the field of finance seemed to be the most viable of all the career paths presented to him which is why he opted to go in for it. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

George Soros was born to a Jewish family living in Hungary. During his childhood, Hungary was under the regiment of the Nazi party of Germany. Being from a Jewish family, things were hard for him and the people around him. Since a very early age, he witnessed a large amount of oppression around him, which is what ignited the fire of wanting to bring about change in him. He realized that all that was happening because of the wrong party is in power and then vowed to try and ensure that the position of power is never given into the wrong hands ever again.

After George Soros had made it big on Wall Street, he embarked on his mission to make a difference. He started up an organization which would help him on his mission to bring about change in the world today; George Soros is regarded as one of the top influencers and philanthropists in the entire world. Most recently, George Soros put together a fund to age refugees who are living in different parts of Europe. The reason for the establishment of the fund was so that these people could build their lives back once again and help their families in need. Learn more about his profile at

He has also had an enormous impact on the United States and the political scene there. In 2004, George Soros decided to help out the Democratic Party and assist them with their campaign against President George Bush. At that time, George Soros invested a total of twenty-eight million dollars into the party and all the organizations they support. As the Democratic Party did not win the elections that year, George Soros decided to take a step away from politics and focus on other things. In 2016 however, George Soros once again made reappearance in the American political scene, to support the Democratic Party, this time, against Donald Trump. Once again, he invested just as much money as he did before into the party. He wanted to be able to influence the general public of America to make the right decision regarding who to put into a position of power. Even though the party did not win the presidential elections, he is still trying to make the American political scene a little better.

Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy- A Partner in Real Estate Sector

Nick Vertucci started off his life in business and entrepreneurship as the owner of a shop selling computer parts. It was a big business during that generation. The crash of this generation in 2000 brought his business tumbling down like a house of cards. However, he never gave up, like most people would. Instead, it saw him rise to succeed beyond his challenges.

Vertucci’s life philosophy
Nick Vertucci believes in the potential of all human beings, which prompted him to develop the NV Real Estate Academy. Nick established the academy so that he could be of help to those wallowing in debts and false-starts in real estate. Nick Vertucci believes that the past does not dictate the future of an individual, just as he grew from a failed business to a real estate millionaire. Therefore, the Nick’s Real Estate Academy is the place to learn all the valuable secrets and knowledge to overcome doubts, debts and false starts in real estate investments on

The birth of the NV Real Estate Academy
Nick Vertucci was invited in the year 2000 by his long-time friend to attend a three-day seminar and workshop on real estate as his guest. It was at this juncture that Nick Vertucci made the decision to venture into the real estate investments, and as he says he does not regret the decision he made. It was from this knowledge that Nick Vertucci developed the system that worked for him in the real estate business.

The NV Real Estate Academy
The real estate academy founded by Nick, also referred to as the Nick Vertucci Companies Inc. offers a lot of solutions to the challenges encountered by those who intend to invest in real estate. The Real Estate Academy is rated as one of the leading and most prolific real estate investors and advisor in the region. It offers the best education on real estate to prospective investors and similarly has flagship resources to provide, as well as relevant links for starters.

Other support staff at the NV Academy
The NV Academy has invested hiring specialists and trainers to train aspiring investors at It led to the development of the flipping system, which can be accessed by all those who are interested and are seeking to turn around their fortunes and goals in real estate. The strategies proposed are simple and can assist anybody investing in real estate.

Avaaz – Including you in the change

Founded in the year 2007 in the month of January, the activist group known as Avaaz has been making a powerful impact on this planet we call home.

Instead of allying themselves with one ideal that would limit them in the long run, they instead focused on several things that most ideologies would say are important to focus on. Avaaz is focused on solving the issues of global warming, also referred to as climate change, bringing equality to all in the form of human rights, protecting the critters of this earth by promoting the rights of animals, ending corruption in the government and on the streets, eradicating poverty, and ending conflict across the globe.

They fulfill their mission in a very unique way. They heavily focus their righteous efforts on building online petitions and encouraging various people to join their vast email campaigns. This is an extremely smart move for our society. Most organizations have a very hard time recruiting others to help them simply because other people do not always have the time to volunteer. Avaaz takes care of that problem by allowing you to share with them you opinion via the internet and they will make sure your voice is heard.

In order to keep their organizations pure from outside influences, Azaaz refuses to take donations from other foundations or corporations. They know such donations come with expectations. Rather than being enslaved to another’s viewpoint, they rely on the donations of individual members. They have proven this can be successful as they have now raised over $20m.

With that funding they have been able to create a team of campaigners that now span over 30 different countries. With this worldwide presence they will be able to focus on change throughout the globe and in the local town.

For more information follow Avaaz on Twitter.