Nihi Sumba Island – Paradise on Earth

Mr. Chris Burch is a well-known businessman who has become famous for his many successful ventures over the years.

One of the most recent undertakings of Mr. Chris Burch is the luxury resort in an exotic location which is sporting five stars. Mr. Chris Burch chose the location to be an island called Sumba located in Indonesia. The five-star hotel used to be called Nihiwatu, and it also used to be owned by someone else. Mr. Chris Burch and Mr. James McBride partnered up to purchase the buildings and the surrounding areas. They renamed Nihiwatu into Nihi Sumba Island and created one of the most exclusive resorts in the world. It was voted two years in a row to be the best hotel by the top travel magazine. Browse for more of that awesome investment on the article here.

The vast project cost 30 billion dollars to renovate. It was purchased in 2012, and it took three years to restore it before it opened doors to visitors in 2015. The result of the efforts is a stunning masterpiece of a five-star resort. For additional reading, check

Nihi Sumba Island has 27 private villas. They are very luxurious and sport a personal pool. The opening of the resort brought a lot of new positions to the population of the island. In order to give back to the community, Nihi Sumba Island donates a part of the profit to the Sumba Foundation. The foundation is also based around the community, and it funds projects to make the life of the natives better. To relay the spirit of the island and its unique culture, Nihi Sumba Island is ornamented with traditional Sumbanese decorations such as local wood, Ikat Prints, and antiques.

Nihi Sumba Island offers a vast number of entertainment and wellness activities. There is a beach spa, surfing classes, and horseback riding. There is also a wellness center where clients can enjoy a session of daily group yoga and there also private classes available. Sightseeing is another available activity. A client can book trips to nearby waterfalls as well as a voyage to a blue lagoon at the end of which there are picturesque cliffs to dive from and swim in a natural pool.  The site  offers related article for reading.

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The Nihi Sumba island is truly a paradise on earth. Mr. Chris Burch and Mr. James McBride are looking to create more places like Nihi. They have turned their eyes to places such as Nicaragua and Costa Rica. The resorts will be more accommodating to millennial travelers.  To keep updated with his timeline activities, better hit on

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