Martin Lustgarten is a Guru in the Investment Banking Arena

Investment banking is a discipline of banking that focuses on capital creation on behalf of corporations, high net worth individuals, and other established agencies. Functions carried out by investment banks range from underwriting of securities and debts, supervising mergers, acquisitions, as well as company reorganizations. Mostly, investment banks specialize in handling complex financial transactions. Investment banking encompasses two major lines of business such as “sell side” and “buy side”. The sell side involves selling securities via market making while the buy side entails advising customers on purchasing investment services like life insurance and mutual funds.
How investment banks are different from regular bank

Unlike regular banks, Investment banks do not take deposits. Nevertheless, most investment banks collaborate with large financial institutions and banks. They conduct a thorough research, identify risks, and returns of the project prior to advising a customer to commit.

Roles of investment bankers

Investment bankers offer insights and intelligence on mergers, acquisitions, reorganizations, and other related issues. They study the market to assist the management team in determining the perfect period to make public offerings. These experts also offer financial services and advice that help the client in managing their assets. The bankers can come up with strategies and implement transactions on customers’ behalf. They assist their clients in finding and venturing into strategic alternatives with the goal of wealth maximization.

Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten is the owner and founder of Lustgarten, Martin, the Florida-based investment banking. He is perhaps one of the most talented and accomplished investment bankers in the world. His firm focuses on helping individuals, corporations, as well as other entities to raise enough capital. The company concentrates on the sell side part of the business. The success of the company reflects Martin’s personal discipline, determination, and unparalleled experience.

His exceptional communication skills have enabled Martin to interact with clients in a professional manner. The productivity of his company has been on an upward trend due to his tendency of mixing freely with employees and fostering a culture of collective handling of tasks. He helps his clients to invest in productive areas by offering them exceptional advice. He is active on social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter.