Lime Crime On Mixing Beauty Trends With This Spring Season

Lime Crime is a every popular cosmetic brand founded by Russian beauty Doe Deere. This Los Angeles makeup brand picks up on all the trends and creates beautiful makeup after them. Lime Crime has some great advice on how to mesh these beauty trends with the current season, spring.

Long wearing lipstick is very in right now and everyone is sporting it. The great thing about this particular lipstick is that you don’t have to reapply it every two hours or after a meal. It can last all day long without fail. Lime Crime has a line of all day lipstick with 10 colors to choose from called Blackberry Plushies. You can choose from a variety of their colors, even the spring like hues. Spring is a season where you are out and about on the town enjoying the weather. Don’t spend half your day reapply lipstick. Very bright colors are in right now and that includes neon. It’s bold, brazen, and wants to be noticed. Since spring is a time of rebirth and bright colors, add a touch of neon to your look to really stand out. Lime Crime suggests wearing it as a nail polish, on your eyes, and even on your lips. Their Venus 2 palette has a neon blue in it, among the seven other fun shades.

You may have noticed that everything unicorns, fairy tales, and glittery are very trendy right now. Why not throw a hint of glitter to your look to bring the spring feeling around? There are so many ways you can do this without doing too overboard. You can try Lime Crime’s Diamond Crushers in 20 different colors all spring ready. Show your love of sparkle that even a sophisticated evening can admire. Unless you have been living in a cave, making your eyebrows on fleek is totally in. They frame your face in a great way that highlight your facial features. Define your brows with a little filler or brow pencil to achieve this look. Follow your natural brow line to achieve the optimal look. You can also add some color to honor the spring season if you really want to stand out.