Krishen Iyer

Who is Krishen Iyer? What is his legacy and what does he do for a living? Krishen Iyer Is a highly intelligent entrepreneur and business man from Fresno California. Mr. Krishen Iyer is also the founder of MNP insurance and the company recently got a spot on the 5000 INC. He also has extensive background in generating leads, marketing, insurance, and advertising services. Krishen Iyer was also a online partner with a company by the name of Quick link marketing ( Now it is known as Managed benefits) he used his skills and expertise on client relations, technical development, and online marketing to help the company grow and become even more successful by using effective marketing solutions by connecting their clients to lead generation companies that have the ability to meet each person’s individual marketing needs.

Krishen Iyer’s amazing career has been molded and shaped by his constant, curiously driven detailed oriented thinking process, even though he had these traits way before he started his career and partnership with Quick Link marketing, his attention to detail and inquisitiveness mindset lead him to a successful career and school life, including as a student at San Diego State college and Grossmont college where he eventually got a degree in urban development and public administration as detailed here.

Even though Krishen Iyer is a busy man and often has a lot on his plate every day, he still likes to devote time and effort to volunteer programs and go to community service events around the world. Krishen Iyer often spends a lot of time helping with cleaning up local parks and gives support to Global humanitarian crisis programs such as him sponsoring a child overseas. He also donates money to ongoing Haiti relief organizations.

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