Kimberly Bakker’s Holiday Advice For Clients


As the calendar flips past thanksgiving and closer to Christmas, families all over the country are beginning to plan their various parties. Kimberly Bakker is a professional event planner out of California. She is designated as the motivated Momtrepreneur. Bakker starts her days with quiet time and early relaxation. After preparing her daughters breakfast, she immediately starts her daily activities. Her activities incorporate gathering keenly and cautiously curated contents for an upcoming event for a client of the bustling outfit in Kimberly Bakker Events.

Bakker’s lifelong passion for creating the perfect event gives her a unique insight into the planning phase. In a recent Chronicle of the Week article, she expands on a series of planning tips for the average individual.

Regardless of the event or time of year, there is one essential place where each party starts: the to-do list. Kimberly Bakker strongly encourages the host to list out everything from the people expected to attend, to the food, and each step to ensuring the party comes together. This list becomes your guidebook to reference at each point during the planning phase.

A good host is an individual who completed in everything in advance and can enjoy the party with their guests. Kimberly Bakker suggests dividing up tasks with trusted family and friends to help with finishing preparation in a timely manner. Refer to This Article for additional information

There are numerous steps a host can take to ensuring the venue is pleasant for all the attendees. It starts with background music to encourage socializing, while at the same time placing familiar objects in the area to add a sense of normalcy. It is key to have a backup plan for family members with clashing personalities. Kimberly Bakker is a supporter of making sure not to overspend. A good host makes use with the resources available.

The holidays are a time for celebration and family fun. They should not be overly stressful for anyone whether the host or an attendee. An event should always reflect the personality of the group involved. Kimberly works hard each day to bring out the unique feel of each event.


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