How Chris Burch Succeeded In Fashion And Hospitality

Oftentimes it can seem as though people who have more creative sensibilities are treated as though they are somehow less serious than people who have a mind for numbers or disciplines that require lots of study and hard skills such as accounting or engineering. People often think that artists are merely people who have their heads in the clouds and who create things that are not useful. But this simply is not true. Anyone who has worked in business for any length of time has probably learned firsthand that running and maintaining a stable business requires a certain level of creativity. Business professionals must certainly have a high level of competency in important disciplines such as management, financial management and human resources but this alone is not enough to ensure that a corporation or a new business venture will thrive in a marketplace that is increasingly competitive and dynamic. Arguably succeeding in business is as much an art as it is a science. There are few business professionals who are aware of this fact like Christopher Burch.

Chris Burch is a billionaire who leveraged his appreciation for design and luxury into a sprawling business empire that includes one of the best known names in American luxury fashion. Chris Burch certainly spent a lot of time learning the ropes that are involved in creating a business by starting his own. When he was just a college student enrolled in Ithaca College Chris Burch decided to launch his own company known as Eagle Eye Apparel. Refer to for related article.  The company led to Chris selling sweaters door to door and gaining a visceral understanding of the amount of work that was required to actually build a company from scratch. It was the time that he spent learning how to build Eagle Eye Apparel that would lay the groundwork for the other business ventures that he would pursue much later on in his life. For updates on his recent timeline activities, check

Chris taught himself how to be an effective salesperson and how to develop and implement a marketing plan that would help his pledging company reach the sales goals that he set for it.  For more of his insights on things around his area of focus, click

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Eventually Chris Burch would go on work not just in fashion but set his sights on the world of luxury hotels. Today his business ventures include a new resort that is known as Nihi Sumba Island. The resort is based in the Southeast Asian nation of Indonesia and is promising to become one of the country’s and the region’s best resorts. Head over to to read more of this wonderful Indonesian resort.

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