How Chris Burch Has Succeeded In Multiple Industries Over The Years

Chris Burch has been an entrepreneur since he was a college student. His first brand was in clothing and was started with his brother, Bob. They sold that company many years ago and Burch started his own company called Burch Creative Capital. He is this company’s chief executive officer. Over the years his creativity has led to the founding of many different brands, over 50 at last count. More to read on

At Burch Creative Capital, Chris Burch combines his creative skills with sound business practices in order to launch new brands that amaze and delight customers around the world. He also acts as a venture capitalist and puts his money into new brands that he sees as being disruptive by offering something that has never been attempted before. His main calling is in the fashion industry but over the years he has branched out to many other industries such as hospitality, technology, and food, organic in particular.  Additional article on

One of Chris Burch’s big purchases in the hospitality industry occurred when he bought a resort on Indonesia’s Sumba Island. He entered into a partnership to by this resort which they then went about completely renovating when the purchase was completed. It’s on a beautiful and excluded island and has been very successful as a luxury resort.

Balancing Business and Philanthropic Works

In addition to his business pursuits Chris Burch has also been an active philanthropist for many years. He has given money to many charities that are local, national, and international in scope. Among the charities he has made donations to are the China Association of Social Work, NYU Langone, The Child Welfare League Of China, Mt. Sinai Hospital, and The Henry Street Settlement amongst many others. As a successful businessman he has also provided nonprofits his expertise as an entrepreneur such as the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation by serving on its board of directors. Another nonprofit he served was The Pierre Hotel Co-Op board where he was its president and as such was its top executive.

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