Guilherme Paulus: Creating an Empire One Hotel at a Time

Having won the Entrepreneur of the Year grant, Guilherme Paulus, the prime supporter of CVC Brasil Operadora e Agência de Viagens S.A. (CVC), has helped his globally perceived tourism organization accomplish acknowledgment as the biggest visit administrator in Latin America.

As a young man, he used to work at IBM and, since then, Paulus has exhibited a sound notoriety in the global business world. He has helped his tourism organization accomplish acknowledgment as the biggest visit administrator in Latin America. The universal business person’s full name is Guilherme de Jesus Paulus. The business visionary’s drive and desire are supplemented by his state of mind toward serving network individuals. Visit the website to learn more about Guilherme Paulus.

For Paulus, the dream of creating CVC began to come true when, once during a trip, he met a deputy. Shortly after, this deputy proposed a company for Guilherme to open a travel agency. Paulus liked the proposal and went to get advice. A few years later, CVC was a reality.

CVC has big plans of expansion. The operator founded by Paulus operates in 465 Brazilian municipalities covering less than 10% of the national territory. The idea of President Luiz Eduardo Falco, head figure of CVC, for the next five years, is to open 500 new stores, and test new formats such as kiosks in the corridors of malls and mobile stands. Still, the plan is that 120 of the 500 new stores will be inaugurated by the end of this year. Read more at Wings Journal about Guilherme Paulus.

Guilherme Paulus has gotten grants from a few governments found abroad. He was perceived by French government authorities in 2012 as a critical designer of tourism all through France. Moreover, a few politicians have communicated positive perspectives about his achievements. The Government of Brazil has granted Guilherme Paulus with grants that incorporate a wide cluster of titles.

Guilherme Paulus esteems the idea of social responsibility, particularly as it applies to his job as a renowned business person. His organization has taken an interest in different honorable motivations, including in Foz do Iguaçu (PR). The association’s center is to give instructive chances to burdened adolescents who need to work in the tourism business.