Greg Secker: the Trader with a Giving Heart

Greg Secker has been a big player in forex trading for a while now. He proudly owns one of the biggest companies engaging in forex trading training in the world; Learn to Trade. However, he does realize that he was not always the trader he is today, and at certain points, in his trading journey, he could have used some help. As such, he chooses to be the help for others offering valuable advice and training to everyday people that need it.

As per Secker, forex trading has never been as easy as it is today. While the risks and rewards involved in the business have persisted, there are numerous tools and procedures available to maximize rewards and minimize risk. Starting off is quite easy today as one can open an account with profession retail brokers with as little as $250. Further, with forex trading increasingly growing in popularity (close to $5 trillion is traded in forex markets on a daily basis), the possible returns are only likely to get high.

Greg Secker is proof that disciplined forex trading can work. The University of Nottingham graduate was already a multimillionaire by the age of 28 and on his to form his first company, Learn to Trade. He managed to build his fortune following years of diligent trading that started off with only a few thousand dollars. Since then, Secker has sought to inform to teach others about what he knows so that they may also be successful. Through, Learn to Trade, he organizes numerous workshops at which people are imparted with the necessary tools needed to become successful in forex trading.

Secker’s entrepreneurial endeavors extend far beyond Learn to Trade. He has since gone on to form two additional companies under the Action Group. One of the companies, Capital Index, is a fully licensed brokerage firm that deals in all financial instruments, not just foreign exchange. The other company, SmartCharts, provides novice and experienced traders with a practical and effective trading platform. The platform’s functionalities and interface make it easier to sift through complex data and arrive at the best trading decisions.