Drew Madden strives to solve worst problems within U.S. healthcare system

The United States is facing a silent healthcare crisis. Although many people do not yet know it, the ability of the country to provide even basic care for the majority of its citizens is now in serious peril. With more than $1.5 trillion being spent by the federal government each year on healthcare, the rapidly increasing costs that the system is facing threaten to permanently cripple the ability of the country to provide decent care for its more than 300 million citizens.

Now, Drew Madden, one of the most respected experts within the field of healthcare technology, has taken on some of the biggest problems in the industry and the root causes of much of the spiraling costs of care. In 2017, Madden formed his own healthcare IT consulting firm, Evergreen Partners, with the mission of helping to completely revamp the way that medical professionals and patients throughout the country interact with the technology that enables them to give and receive healthcare.

Madden’s first priority has been the refocusing on people as the central role of healthcare IT professionals. All too often, Madden has watched as million-dollar healthcare systems are implemented in clinical practices, only to see that those systems’ capacities were going 90 percent unutilized due to the people using them being poorly trained and the systems themselves having poorly designed interfaces.

Another area that Evergreen is concentrating on involves the creation of easy-to-use interfaces for patients to get accurate and actionable information on the healthcare services that they are receiving. Madden says that one of the main reasons that healthcare costs have continued to soar is that there is little real competition within the industry. This could be dramatically changed through the implementation of systems that put real information on pricing, competitors and ratings of services in the hands of healthcare consumers.

Madden and Evergreen Healthcare Partners have a number of other important areas in which they are focusing. Taken together, Madden and his team believe that they can solve some of the most pressing concerns that are currently facing the U.S. healthcare system.