Chris Burch Venturing into the Hotel Business

Mr. Chris Burch is known as a serial entrepreneur with a taste for style and innovation. He has been doing business for the better part of his life. For his latest innovative offering to the market, hit on

In 2012, Mr. Chris Burch started on his latest project. He ventured into the hotel business for the first time, and he started big. He purchased a resort in Indonesia with the former name of Nihiwatu. The resort is located on the famous Sumba Island. Mr. Chris Burch and his collaborative partner brought the Nihiwatu resort back to his former glory and beyond. The restoration process took about three years, and in 2015 it was finally ready to start accepting its first guests. Mr. Chris Burch decided that the new life of the resort should also have a new name, so they called it Nihi Sumba Island.  Read insights from him, check this article on

The resort of Nihi Sumba island sports a total of 27 villas which are private and highly luxurious. The beaches extend as far as the eye can see and they are also the perfect scene for activities such as horseback riding. There are also yoga and pilates lessons on the beach as well as a beach spa. Guests can take surfing lessons as well as dive beneath the surface of the vast ocean.

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The resort of Nihi Sumba island has all five stars, and it probably deserves more as it is commonly known as paradise on earth by magazines and visitors alike. Nihi Sumba Island is and with nature and culture f the Sumba Island. The decorations are typical of the region and guests can feel the sense of tribute that the resort pays to its location. After it opened doors in 2015, Nihi Sumba Island is the main source of work for the natives. Not only that but the resort is also a sponsor and frequent donor to the Sumba Foundation. This organization is native to the island, and it has the purpose of funding projects for the community and local flora and fauna.

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Mr. Chris Burch always speaks lovingly of Nihi Sumba Island. He divides his time among the resort, his apartment at the famous Hamptons hotel and his home on the U. S. Mr. Chris Burch has set another goal – to create more hotels such as Nihi Sumba island at a variety of locations. So far, Mr. Chris Burch and his business partner Mr. James McBride are planning on opening hotels in Nicaragua and Costa Rica.  Check more of his famous investments here on

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