Chris Burch Huge Investments in the Fashion and Real Estate Industries

Chris Burch is known to have a very great name and has a great reputation in his career. He happens to be among the few billionaires America has and has been known for hard work, creativity, passion and a go-getter. He is the current CEO and the founder of Burch Creative Capital and is a very active investor and an entrepreneur from across a wide range of industries for over 4o years. He has been the brain behind the rose of so many brands that include Tory Burch, Jawbone, and Voss Water, Faena Hotel + Universe and also poppin. He has great entrepreneurial skills and has always worked with great commitment and skills. He is known for making great things work and has been on the frontline pushing for better progress and achievements. To learn more about his diversified investment portfolio, check

Christopher Burch is the person who invested in buying and renovating Nihiwatu in 2012. The hotel happens to be a leading luxury resort on the Sumba Island and has been ranked as the leading hotel across the globe. The listing and ranking were done by Leisure and Travel Magazine which is a trusted news source for travelers. Read more about the resort on

He developed hospitality industry interest when he signed a partnership with Alan Faena who was a renowned Hotelier and Philippe Stark who had a lot of experience in the architectural industry. They united to develop a land which had stayed for long without being utilized and they called it Faena Hotel + Universe. That was a great milestone and today the company happens to be one of the largest in the world and has been on the frontline working for the progress of his people.

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Chris Burch has been known for his expansion abilities and in the year 2012, he partnered with Ellen DeGeneres so that they could launch ED which was a lifestyle brand. They worked with passion, commitment and massive love which they applied to launch their brand. He has continued to grow and has currently launched Cocoon9 which happens to be a luxury home that has been designed with great finishing, energy efficient features, great designs and also space saving floors. He has been working tirelessly to make it in life and has also been known to have a passion for these jobs. His career has also gone to the fashion industry and they have been able to do marvelous together with his wife who is a fashion expert. Theirs have been nothing else but to succeed in life.  To read about his views on business related matters, hop over to

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