Chris Burch and His Love For Sumptuous Cuisine

Experts have the best taste for everything. Consider the taste of CEO Chris Burch for his excellent choice of food. In the recent report from Tasting Table, Chris showed a great taste for fine cuisine when he chose Chef Morataya as the chef for his Hampton party for which only the best in the industry will attend. It’s not hard to see why Chris chose Chef Morataya to serve him the best food for a party in no less than the Hamptons. One, Chef Andres has a resort in Indonesia and has built a reputation only for offering the kind of best quality grill service that people with exceptional taste will expect. Two, Chef Moratoya’s farm-to-table resto in Panama named Panaga also trained him to offer unique dining experiences to anyone who desires it.  Additional article on

When the chef opened the resto with his wife, they had no financial support, and that hurdle drives them to be creative to provide the best food with the limited budget. To answer this concern, Chef Andres chose to go back to basics to lessen the overall cost. With his creativity, Chef Andres was able to create both in resto and at Burch’s house in the Hamptons an organic grill that is made from scratch carved from just plain old bricks and abandoned driftwood.

About Chris Burch

CEO of Burch Creative Capital Christoper Burch has built over the years the reliable reputation of offering investor advice for anyone in the various industries he is helping. He is an entrepreneur whose interests vary across different layers of expertise for over forty years. He has been able to tap into various luxury brands, and technology needs to answer the demands of varying brands, including Jawbone, Voss Water, Faena Hotel, and Poppin.   Learn more about his works, visit the website, click

Christopher Burch was also an active former board member at the Guggenheim Capital, along with the Continuum Group, and gave most of his time in improving the advocacies’ reach to wider markets. One impressive project that Mr. Burch also built was the C. Wonder apparel, and accessories retail store that later transferred ownership to Xcel brands.  For an overview of his diverse investments, hop over to this.

It was also in 2014 that Mr. Burch made a partnership with Ellen Degeneres, the famous entertainer, to establish the lifestyle brand appropriately called ED by Ellen Degeneres. Cocoon9 is also another brand that Chis Burch launched, which is a luxury prefab home business that confers space-saving designs that offer both contemporary decals and sophisticated furnishings with the least expensive budget. More to read on

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