Charlamagne Tha God Exemplifies Passion For Many Things


Charlamagne Tha God is pushing the envelope when it comes to saying those things that put celebrities on edge. Listeners that are fans of the morning show that he is a co-host of cannot wait for things like Donkey of the Day and interviews where he may ask some of the most outrageous questions.

Charlamagne Tha God feels that this is all part of the way that he entertains a crowd, but lately he has been able to switch gears and become much more serious.

He has conducted talk about be mental health awareness issues that people are going through, and he addresses these types of issues in his book. People are listening to what Charlamagne Tha God has to say about topics like this because he has experienced these types of things himself.

When you are someone that goes through these types of things you have a better grasp on how you can help others. This is what Charlamagne Tha God Appears to want to do. He wants to help others that may not be reaching out for help themselves.

Charlamagne’s overall platform has continued to be the same. He wants to help people that are interested in building a better life for themselves. These are the two facets of what Charlamagne Tha God is all about. He is half entertainer and half activist. View Additional Info Here.

He wants to be that person that knows how to create those conversation that gets the ball rolling about things like mental health, but he is also someone that likes to entertain and present his opinions about things like movies and albums. He has no problem talking about an artist or album that he may dislike. Charlamagne has been able to use his platform to speak about all of the different things that he is passionate about.


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