Kim Dao Heads To London!

Kim Dao starts her video with her cute dog. She has been very busy lately with traveling on a daily basis. She was feeling extremely tired so she took a small break from doing videos. She stayed in the house the previous day. There wasn’t much content to record but she took she showed a clip of her and the dog. She is leaving Korea and heading to London soon. She is currently packing her luggage for her trip. Learn more:


Kim Dao is about to meet up with Joan. They meet up at a restaurant for lunch. Their food arrives. They ordered a platter with a variety of food to share. Kim Dao wants a drink before going back home to pack. She also does some shopping. She wants to purchase a few presents for friends because she will be staying with them in London. They bought some makeup for them. Kim Dao answers some of the questions from her followers. She explains what she does to prevent her skin from breaking out when she travels. She also explains how she handles flying on a plane. Learn more:


She finish packing and change clothes. Then she is heading to the airport. Kim Dao finally arrives at the airport. She orders a chicken quesadilla set from Taco Bell before she heads to the gate for boarding. Since she has a few minutes before she has to board, she does her pre-flight routine. She arrives in Thailand and prepares to get some sleep. Learn more:


Kim Dao’s video here.