Plans for Lovaganza 2020 Unveiled to the World

Peace, love and good times are not outdated concepts today. In fact, people long for unity and hope more than ever these days. Those who are searching for a way to feel more in touch with their fellow humans by way of a massive celebration finally have something to look forward to. The worldwide phenomenon that is dedicated to displaying all the cultures of our planet is coming. With a wide range of art, music, motion pictures and other creative outlets, Lovaganza is reaching a fevered pitch. The events that make up Lovaganza are eagerly anticipated and are sure to be like nothing the people of the world have ever seen, heard, felt or experienced before.

With shades of old school fairs, music festivals and cutting edge art displays all coming together with a modern twist, Lovaganza 2020 is getting closer by the minute. This worldwide party on is slated to happen starting in May of 2020 to September of that same year. This is not a single event, though; Lovaganza will commence via 8 different celebrations around the planet. People who attend can expect to see various cultures highlighted, plenty of entertainment, live performances and huge attractions. The Bohemian way of life is about to reemerge in a big way as this planetary party gets closer by the minute.

Lovaganza was originally set to start in 2015, but the massive celebrations have been rescheduled to take place in 2020. This will allow cutting edge entertainment mediums to be used to help crystallize the overarching theme of these unified events. These new entertainment technologies will allow people to really experience cultures that they may have not known much about before. The various celebrations that make up Lovaganza will take place in Africa, America, Europe, the Middle East and in Oceania. People planning to attend one or more of these events are also looking forward to a history making Hands Across the World ceremony, which will act as the crowning jewel of the entire Lovaganza movement.

Of special interest to people interested in Lovaganza is a film trilogy that is being created specifically for this event. The trilogy was shot in various places around the world. The filmmakers shot it in Immerscope, which will provide an epic feel for a movie that is quite unlike anything made to date. Music lovers, people who love motion pictures and anyone who feels like connecting with the world around them will surely have the time of their lives when they attend one of the many events that make up Lovaganza 2020.

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Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo.