A Case of Wikipedia Editor Abuse


The level of harassment on the internet is on the rise and this is evident everywhere. According to a recent article on the technology site Tech.Mic, a Wikipedia editor has reiterated the challenges users get when they use online spaces and the need to institute a proper mechanism to make online communities safe. The editor specifically narrated his attempts to create a Wikipedia page for company and the obstructions he felt. The challenges include disagreements with Wikipedia administrators, name calling and ultimately getting blocked from accessing the site. He also talked about the painstaking time it takes to do research and write quality articles, only to be reprimanded for the trouble.

The whole experience trying to make new Wiki article was so overwhelming to the editor that he considered suicide. Although the editor is safe, the validity of his claims is yet to be ascertained. There are many other authors who share the same experience. This was evident in the number of editors who contributions to the topic in Wikimedia. A study done by the Pew Center for Research indicates that the majority of online harassment cases takes place in social media networks and large crowd sourcing platforms like Wikimedia because these sites are driven by powerful social elements. The biggest test for Wikipedia publishers is counteracting the rising cases of harassment without sacrificing one its 5 pillars, which is civility.

Getting Help
Wikipedia is a powerful marketing tool for business and personal branding. The interesting this about this collaborative encyclopedia according to Jeffbullas.com is the fact that it does not hire writers to create posts because of its open source nature. However, the full potential of the site on business and marketing can only be realized if the site is used properly. Some of the benefits of branding your business or name on Wikipedia include:
• Opportunity to create your biography or business brand
• All users to enhance their visibility through search engine results
• Adds authenticity and credibility to your persona or business
• Helps increase sales and the levels of positivity

The whole process of creating and editing articles on Wikipedia can be daunting, especially if you are not well-versed with the inner workings of the project. Getyourwiki.com will help you create and edit articles, and ensure your Wikipedia page remains up-to-date, thanks to a team of experienced editors who work around the clock for your Wikipedia page creation. GetYourWiki believes every Wikipedia article should be supported by reliable references and formatted properly following the set Wikipedia guidelines.


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