Ireland rejoices Robbie Brady’s heroics

The Euro Championship is the second biggest soccer tournament in the world. The greatest soccer players and teams in the world all come together to decide who is the best team in Europe. The stakes are never higher, and there always seems to be one underdog that fights their way through the tournament. This year’s Euro championship has had tons of highlights, including some from Ireland’s squad.

Ireland has always been a small fish in a big pond when it comes to soccer. Even when they have great players, the European powers overshadow them. The team rarely has an opportunity to play in the major tournaments, and when they do they only make a small impact on the game. This year’s Euro Championship was totally different.

The Irish squad fought with honor and pride throughout the first two games of the group stage, so when game three came around they had a chance to advance to the round of 16. They knew it would be tough, but it ended up requiring a last second goal. Robbie Brady ended up being the hero for the Irish squad, as he scored a goal in the 86th minute to put the team into the next round.

Ireland erupted with elation after Robbie Brady scored his crucial kick. Many Irish fans headed to Wikipedia to celebrate the accomplishment. They attempted to make him into a deity by making Wikipedia edits and changing his name to “The Messiah”, and they made other brilliant claims. Robbie was an Irish hero and they wanted the record to reflect that fact. Wikipedia editors managed to restore order, but it required non-stop work.

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