Aloha Construction ’s community contributions recognized by The Better Business Bureau with the Torch Award

While many companies engage in charity and benevolent activities only to comply with the CSR policies, Aloha Construction gives from the heart. This is apparent in the way the construction company donates and the courses that Aloha is dedicated to. David Farbaky who is the founder and CEO of Aloha Construction Company is the primary architect behind these charitable activities. Being a big-hearted man in person, David inspires the same altruism to his peers and employees at the company. Through the David Farbaky Foundation and Building Better Communities Campaign, Aloha has supported and donated more than $2,000 to a charity called Camp One that takes care of kids living with cancer. Additionally, the company has sponsored athletes in Illinois Flying Aces Hockey team, Lake Zurich High School football team, and The Kane County Cougars Baseball team.
For residents of the Lake Zurich community, Aloha is more than a construction company. To them, Aloha is a partner and a friend whom they can count on when things get tough. For a company to inspire such feelings and attitude in the local community where its operations are based, it takes exemplary commitment and a genuine passion for giving. These are the qualities that the Better Business Bureau Awards scout for when looking for a company to bestow its illustrious Torch Award. For the year 2017, Aloha construction was the recipient for the 2017 Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics. An independent board of judges settled on Aloha because of the company’s consistent contribution to the Zurich community.
The Torch Award was established in 1996, by The Better Business Bureau (BBB) with the sole purpose of rewarding companies that displayed high standards of leadership and professional practices, and also take their social responsibilities with profound gravity. Since its inception, only a handful of companies have had the privilege of receiving the award. This is because the Torch Award, reserves it’s acclamation for only the top companies that have met and satisfied their massively specific qualifications that include ethics, social responsibility, leadership, and management.
More about Aloha
The company has its headquarters in  Illinois. The company has provided roofing, siding replacement, interior remodeling and restoration, gutters and other general construction services to the people of Southern Wisconsin and Illinois since it was established in 2008 by David Farbaky. Aloha has completed more than 18, 000 projects in Lake Zurich and Bloomington

Marketing Solutions Come Naturally To Krishen Iyer

Krishen Iyer is the Chief Executive Officer of Managed Benefit Services. He is the founder of the firm that was reviously called Quick Link Marketing. He is an expert at online marketing and lead generation. The company is based out of Fresno, CA. Its primary focus is marketing services offered to dental and healthcare providers. He has recently added a multi-layer platform to monitor the level of results for his clients.


When a company is seeking industry-relevant marketing solutions and quality lead generation for its business, Krishen Iyer matches them to the right company to supply the leads. As an entrepreneur, he identified a need for marketing services, and he created his company to offer his consultation services to solve the marketing needs. Client relationships are very important to him, and Krishen devotes time every day to his communication with them. He also spends his time developing and implementing marketing strategies and on technological advancements.


Krishen attended Grossmont College an also San Diego State University. He graduated from the University with a degree in Public Administration and in Urban Development. Over the years, he has always placed an emphasis on communicating with other people. Krishen Iyer gets the creative juices flowing by interfacing with the people around him. He was also the creator of MNP Insurance. This company was named on the 2015 Inc 5000 fast growth list. Krishen also owns his own real estate firm named Iyer Real Estate Co. He is a resident of California.


His days are quite busy tending to his companies, however he always finds the time to devote to his favorite charities. Kristen travels extensively and enjoys reading in his spare time.

Krishen Iyer – Partner at Quick Link Marketing online


Samuel Strauch

Metrik Real Estate was started by Samuel Strauch on the market. That company has continued to build name recognition by those that are interested in its moves. Investors and customers have come to respect Metrik Real Estate and their accomplished team. Samuel Strauch is a leading figure that the market tends to respect on the whole. He is a popular visionary and people want to see what he can do over time. Samuel Strauch got his education at Hofstra University and continues to network with similar people too.

After graduating, Samuel Strauch moved to Miami and quickly mingled with local experts. That gave him firsthand experience in the world of real estate investing. Samuel Strauch is pleased to offer his advice when it comes to great real estate opportunities. He has helped many clients do their part to follow along with various services. Samuel Strauch is a popular leader and does his part fairly well in good time. That helps him build name recognition that people trust going forward as well.

Look to see what other projects Samuel Strauch will work on next. Samuel Strauch has amassed a lot of recognition for those who follow his profile. Buy or lease real estate in South Florida with his help very soon. That is sure to attract the attention of serious investors in the area. South Florida has become well known for its various real estate offers. Buy great real estate in a growing area and reap the rewards over time too.

American Institute of Architects Continues Leading The Way

America has always been a hotbed of creative activity in both the arts and sciences. It is unsurprising that one discipline that is equal part art and science has also been spearheaded almost entirely by Americans. The architectural schools that arose throughout the 20th century, with the advent of the skyscraper, came to be completely dominated by U.S. architects and structural engineers. However, none of this would have been possible without the American Institute of Architects.

Bringing order out of chaos

Prior to 1857, anyone in the United States could refer to themselves as a professional architect and no one would have any way to verify if they were, in fact, qualified to ply that trade. It was for this reason that in that same year, many of New York’s top architects got together and formed the professional institution for their trade, one of the first such professional institutions in the country at that time. The ultimate vision of these early pioneers of their industry was to provide a level of rigor to both standards and ethics, ensuring the public that architects were every bit as meritorious a collection of professionals as lawyers or doctors.

The organization they formed proved instrumental in the rising dominance of America in the design and construction trades over the following decades. With the invention of the elevator and the introduction of steel-framed buildings, it soon became possible for the build environment to reach towards the skies. The so-called skyscraper became a stable of cityscapes from Chicago to New York. This increasing reliance on vertical behemoths would forever alter the ways in which urban Americans lived and worked, contributing to the rapidly expanding U.S. economy and the country’s global economic domination.

Soon, many other Western countries were copying the methods and designs of the American city. Although architectural styles like Beaux Arts and Neoclassicism were not invented in the United States, they soon found their stride there. The U.S. is still home to the vast majority of the most exemplary specimens of the various schools of architecture from the 19th and 20th centuries. This incredible output and harnessing of the country’s genius was largely a product of having a strong professional organization that gave the architectural industry the imprimatur of an established and revered trade.

Today, the American Institute of Architects is headed by renowned biographer and architect Robert Ivy. Under his leadership, the organization continues to design the future.

Orange Coast College has a new recycling center!

Orange Coast College has some exciting news. They just opened their new recycling center and commemorated it with a ribbon cutting ceremony. It is a whopping 5 acres located off Adams Avenue and is worth an estimated $7.5 million dollars. It boasts a number of facilities and took 16 months to build. It consists of a conference room, a first aid room, classrooms, offices, a cleaning area, 45 parking spaces, and women’s and men’s showers. This is just an expansion of a 45 year old recycling program that draws people from all over the place. The new and improved version is going to be an economic driver for the community and will bring in even more people. Learn more:


President Dennis Harkins or Orange Coast College said it has provides thousands of jobs for student mostly and is a commitment to keeping the community clean. What can you expect to recycle there? They accept newspaper, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, scrap metal, and even electronic waste such as televisions, faxes, and computers. They also accept fluorescent light tubes, cooking oi, and household batteries. One the other hand they do not accept hazardous waste, paint, chemicals, used motor oil, auto or marine batteries, and furniture.


Not only is this new facility a way to cut down waste, it also is environmentally friendly. It uses solar power, inside and out, and was build with eco-friendly materials. The classrooms were named after Cliff Ronnenberg and his wife, founder and Chief Executive of CR&R Environmental Services. They helped fund the new recycling facility, along with a voter-approved Coast Community College District bond, called Measure M. Orange Coast College wants to continue in more development of the college with a new planetarium and new student housing.


Orange Coast College is located in sunny Costa Mesa in Southern California, just minutes from the beach. It is ranked one of the nation’s finest community colleges founded in 1947, with classes starting one year later in 1948.


They offer a range of programs for students looking for a top-notch education. These include lower-division classes that transfer to other colleges and universities, certificates of achievement, and two year science and art associate degrees. Learn more:


Avaaz – Including you in the change

Founded in the year 2007 in the month of January, the activist group known as Avaaz has been making a powerful impact on this planet we call home.

Instead of allying themselves with one ideal that would limit them in the long run, they instead focused on several things that most ideologies would say are important to focus on. Avaaz is focused on solving the issues of global warming, also referred to as climate change, bringing equality to all in the form of human rights, protecting the critters of this earth by promoting the rights of animals, ending corruption in the government and on the streets, eradicating poverty, and ending conflict across the globe.

They fulfill their mission in a very unique way. They heavily focus their righteous efforts on building online petitions and encouraging various people to join their vast email campaigns. This is an extremely smart move for our society. Most organizations have a very hard time recruiting others to help them simply because other people do not always have the time to volunteer. Avaaz takes care of that problem by allowing you to share with them you opinion via the internet and they will make sure your voice is heard.

In order to keep their organizations pure from outside influences, Azaaz refuses to take donations from other foundations or corporations. They know such donations come with expectations. Rather than being enslaved to another’s viewpoint, they rely on the donations of individual members. They have proven this can be successful as they have now raised over $20m.

With that funding they have been able to create a team of campaigners that now span over 30 different countries. With this worldwide presence they will be able to focus on change throughout the globe and in the local town.

For more information follow Avaaz on Twitter.