Talkspace Addresses MeToo And Depression

Mental health is an important subject that is not being discussed nearly as much as it should. No matter how much effort has been made to bring it into the mainstream, there is still a strong stigma attached to it that just doesn’t seem to be going away. This is why Michael Phelps has formed a partnership with online therapy provider Talkspace to let the world know that there is no reason to be ashamed of mental illness.

Michael Phelps may be an accomplished Olympian, but his struggles with substance abuse have made international news as he has been arrested multiple times for driving drunk. When he was featured in a photo smoking marijuana, the world just wouldn’t stop talking. He sank into a deep depression and realized he needed to make a change. When he discovered Talkspace, he enjoyed what the company had to offer and the fact that he didn’t have to go anywhere to see a licensed therapist. He hopes that by speaking out about his struggles he is able to help at least one person be happier with their life.

There are many reasons why people choose not get help from a therapist. One of these being that they are anxious about going to an office and speaking about their issues with someone in person. Talkspace offers an effective alternative to traditional therapy that clients can access online instead of in a brick and mortar facility.

When the MeToo movement hit the internet, many people found themselves affected by the stories of powerful men being accused of harassing women. Many women had their own stories to share and were able to share them online. While it was empowering for some women to share their experiences, it caused others to go into a mental health crisis. Fortunately, Talkspace was there for these women to help them through this difficult time.

Sexual harassment is a complicated subject that causes people a lot of pain. At Talkspace, the licensed therapists know that it can take a long time to cope and heal from the experience. It’s important to feel open about talking about sexual harassment and therapists at Talkspace can be there for their clients when they need them.