Nationwide Title Clearing Property Reports

Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC) is an award-winning, document service and expert research provider to residential mortgage industry for over 25 years. The company provides quality services to investors as well as nation’s largest mortgage lenders. On the other hand, the company documents have been recorded in more than 3600 county jurisdictions in the entire country. NTC’S primary mission is to ensure that it delivers the highest accuracy in research services and document processing that assist mortgage industry and protects homeowners as while as preserving land records for the nation. The investors have a clear platform in accessing different documents concerning the property and assets. The NTC Land records, as well as document experts, have the ability to track documents requirements in all the recording jurisdictions nationwide hence ensuring there is smooth and efficient running of the activities in the company. The company specializes in providing property reports, land records research, lien release services, final document tracking, assignment services, document retrieval and the other major business solutions. The company won the Inc. award for Hire Power for second consecutive year in 2013; this ensured that Americans are back to work.


According to NTC executive, providing accuracy in property records helps to reduce inability for foreclosing, decrease the risk for buyback as well as clear title conveyance hence creating transparency. NTC being the leading document-processing and research provider for financial industry and mortgage has taken a critical step to ensure that the process for securing report for a property is simple. The company has achieved this by recently launching an updated website, hence making the report for property available online. The company property services are highly based on critical research conducted from the original land records. These files can be accessed by any residential property in the entire nation online.


During the process, the company obtains data from some sources especially the counties as well as automation coupled together with human verification. This practice has given the company the ability to successfully offer services to the largest lenders especially in the U.S under the most crucial audited compliance regulation. The company ensures that the process produces the very accurate results as it was intended. On the other hand, they recognize the report’s financial impact in case a client is making an order for too many fields as well as additional documents which may not be necessary for the end user.

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