Norman Pattiz: Creating a Show for Norman Lear

People who are listening to PodCastOne should look forward to a new program that will be broadcasted through the platform. “All of the Above with Norman Lear” will be the title of the new show that will be hosted by Hollywood veteran Norman Lear. The show will be taking its listeners to a variety of conversations, and it will have an open topic, covering everything under the sun. The format of the show also involves the point of view of different celebrities, politicians, and the public. Norman Lear will also be with Paul Hipp on every episode ( The show runs every Monday, and those who wanted to listen to the first podcast should pre-subscribe now. Norman Lear expressed his excitement on this new project, and thanked Norman Pattize for giving him a chance to be a podcaster.


Norman Pattiz is known as the founder and the executive chairman of PodcastOne, one of the most successful media corporation and network in the United States. PodCastOne is an advertiser supported podcast network, and because of its recent performance and dominance in the market, it is now considered as a leader in the podcasting industry. Norman Pattiz is proud to say that his network currently has 300 hours of weekly programming. Currently, over 200 programs are being broadcasted through PodCastOne, and they deliver about 400 million monthly impressions through the use of advertising. PodCastOne has been generating their income through the help of the advertisers, and experts say that the company would still grow further as the demand for podcast advertising increases.


Norman Pattiz has over 40 years of experience in the broadcasting and media industry. Aside from PodCastOne, he also established Westwood One. He managed to transform Westwood One as the leading and the largest provider of news and other forms of programming in the broadcasting industry. With the influence and skills that Norman Pattiz has, Westwood One was also able to forge partnerships with giant American media conglomerates. This partnership allowed them to distribute exclusive programming from the giant networks, including the Summer and the Winter Olympics.


Learning about the potential of podcasting, Norman Pattiz founded PodCastOne in hopes that the network will become the form of entertainment in the future. Through his leadership, the company managed to become one of the fastest growing networks in the United States. Norman Pattiz also spearheaded a research in partnership with a private research firm to determine how effective marketing is through podcast. He found out that podcasting really impacts advertising greatly, and he has been using this knowledge to deliver more revenue for his company.


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