Troy McQuagge’s HOPE Initiative Makes Waves

Troy McQuagge is the president of USHA/USHEALTH. McQueagge created the mission of “Helping Other People Everyday” in 2010 as the company started to grow. Troy McQuagge is now the President and CEO and has taken the company to new heights and to the ultimate of success. When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, Troy McQuagge and his team started the first HOPE project and joined up with other companies that were partnered with the Phoenix of New Orleans organization. They joined forces and helped rebuild the homes that the hurricane hit the worst. They made sure that the people had safe places to reside back in New Orleans.

In 2011 McQuagge and HOPE continued his mission. They began to supply loads of clothes, shoes, baby products and many more supplies for the Crisis Nursey. Crisis Nursey is a non-profit childrens shelter organization that was located in the Phoenix/Scottsdale metropolitan area.

Troy McQuagge Son whole idea behind the mission “HOPE” is that he believes that “Every company has a ‘soul’ and that it should be the core of who the comapany and the employees really are.” The company believes that it’s mission is to help the people and help others in every way they can.

Troy McQuagge’s Hope program has since then gone on to become an inspiration to other people and companies. It has even created a whole entire movement that ended up spreading to the USHEALTH Advisors Agents in other communities all over America. Read more about Troy McQuagge Son at

In Brevard County Florida, Division Leader Elizabeth Byrne and the team at her local USHA office decided to go on a mission of HOPE as well in their own community in Palm Bay. The team ended up joining on the USHA which was an organization that worked with Homes for Warriors on destroyed, cleanup and sodding in order to create new homes that would to be donated, which is mortgage free, to every Army Specialist and their family.

The Sr. VP, Bill Shelton, of USHA, has said that HOPE has became a mission that is what they have dedicated their lives to providing ever since they have became USHEALTH Advisors”

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George Soros: The Hedge Fund Owner Trying To Bring Change To Political Systems

George Soros is a businessman and an entrepreneur who is known to be the owner of one of the biggest hedge funds in the entire world. He is known for his incredible amount of skill and knowledge in the field of finance. He is a graduate of the London School of Economics who came to the United States to make it big in the field of finance. Since a very young age, George Soros has always wanted to make a difference to the world but knew he would need a lot of money to do so. Entering the field of finance seemed to be the most viable of all the career paths presented to him which is why he opted to go in for it. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

George Soros was born to a Jewish family living in Hungary. During his childhood, Hungary was under the regiment of the Nazi party of Germany. Being from a Jewish family, things were hard for him and the people around him. Since a very early age, he witnessed a large amount of oppression around him, which is what ignited the fire of wanting to bring about change in him. He realized that all that was happening because of the wrong party is in power and then vowed to try and ensure that the position of power is never given into the wrong hands ever again.

After George Soros had made it big on Wall Street, he embarked on his mission to make a difference. He started up an organization which would help him on his mission to bring about change in the world today; George Soros is regarded as one of the top influencers and philanthropists in the entire world. Most recently, George Soros put together a fund to age refugees who are living in different parts of Europe. The reason for the establishment of the fund was so that these people could build their lives back once again and help their families in need. Learn more about his profile at

He has also had an enormous impact on the United States and the political scene there. In 2004, George Soros decided to help out the Democratic Party and assist them with their campaign against President George Bush. At that time, George Soros invested a total of twenty-eight million dollars into the party and all the organizations they support. As the Democratic Party did not win the elections that year, George Soros decided to take a step away from politics and focus on other things. In 2016 however, George Soros once again made reappearance in the American political scene, to support the Democratic Party, this time, against Donald Trump. Once again, he invested just as much money as he did before into the party. He wanted to be able to influence the general public of America to make the right decision regarding who to put into a position of power. Even though the party did not win the presidential elections, he is still trying to make the American political scene a little better.

The Many Goals of Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos is known for not only his ties to the DeVos family, but is also known for his success in the world of business and for his generosity when it comes to sharing his wealth and when it comes to making sure that individuals across the United States have opportunities for better lives. Dick DeVos has many titles that have defined him in not only in the past, but also in present day. Dick DeVos is a businessman, a family man, as well as a philanthropist who wants to make sure that the family name of DeVos is a well respected name that will be remembered in the future to come.


Dick DeVos has always loved business. Dick DeVos has been inspired by his father, Richard DeVos who taught Dick DeVos everything he knows. Dick DeVos watched the family business of Amway Corporation grow as his father put all his time and effort into it. Dick DeVos, even with no formal education, learned the ways of business through observation and through experience. In present day, Dick DeVos has over 40 years of formal experience as a leader of Amway Corporation, yet has informal experience that has come from his entire life of observation and experience.


Dick DeVos did not become an official employee of Amway Corporation until he graduated from college with a degree in economics. Only then had Dick DeVos proved himself to be a hard worker and a fast learner. As an official employee of Amway Corporation, Dick DeVos quickly climbed the ranks of the company and became the vice president who oversaw international sales just ten years after he became a part of the company. As the leader of international sales, Dick DeVos used his natural leadership and his natural talent for business to integrate the company into many more countries all over the world.


Dick DeVos is not only proud of the accomplishments that he has made in the world of business, but is also proud of his numerous accomplishments as a philanthropist. Dick DeVos has always made it a priority to give back what he has earned through his success. Dick DeVos is fond of the education initiative and has funded numerous scholarships and numerous initiatives to build school with the hopes that his funds will be used to create opportunities for individuals to improve their human capital by receiving a higher level of education.


Keith Mann: Philanthropist Offering Opportunity

Keith Mann has recently announced a scholarship opportunity for high school students living in New York City. The Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement is a great opportunity for students looking to make a career in business. The award is designed to recognize the next generation of business leaders, especially those who appear to have innovative ideas and the dedication to bring those ideas to life. Keith and his wife, Keely, are proud partners of Uncommon Schools. The non-profit New York City-based charter management organization is implementing the scholarship opportunity. It will be awarded to one graduating senior attending one of Uncommon Schools in Brooklyn each year.

Any applicant looking to apply for this scholarship is asked to write a 1,000-word essay on how they believe earning a college degree will aid them in accomplishing any and all professional goals. There is not a specific profession, so it’s open to all graduating seniors attending Uncommon Charter High School in Brooklyn looking to enter any profession. The application process starts in February and the winner is announced in March. They will receive a $5,000 scholarship to apply towards their college tuition.
Joe Frick, one of the members of the Uncommon Schools organization is a college counselor at Uncommon Charter High School. He said, “We are grateful to Keith and Keely Mann for implementing this generous scholarship program at our school. This scholarship will help ensure that one of our students has the means to attend a four-year college.”

Keith Mann responded in kind saying, “We want to support the Uncommon Schools’ goal of preparing low-income students to not only attend, but graduate from college and go on to succeed professionally using their degree. The scholarship will support this mission.”
Mann is the Founder of Dynamics Search Partners. He is also a philanthropist and a determined advocate for education. He is committed to identifying strong leaders and pairing them with companies that better their success. He established Dynamics Search Partners in 2009 after spending 15 years in the search industry.

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