Step Outside of Comfort Zone with Market America

One of the many things that keep people from succeeding at their personal goals is that they are not comfortable with doing what it takes to move forward. Market America encourages people to step outside of the comfort zone. If they don’t step out, then any success that they may have even with Market America is going to be limited. One of the worst things that occur when people make it a point to stay in their own comfort zone is that they will often try to keep people from stepping outside of that comfort zone. This can cause a lot of frustration with more than one person.


One thing that life has shown is that it is willing to reward people who take risks. Market America is one of the companies that have taken risks and had everything work in its favor. When it has opened up its own program that is similar to affiliate marketing, Market has encouraged people to take on their own methods of internet marketing. As a matter of fact, many people are encouraged to find out what works for them and use it. While it does help to research about all of the effective ways that people can make money, the main point of doing this type of research is for people to find the way that they are going to use.


In 1992, Market America was founded by former top Amway distributor JR Ridinger (real name, James Howard Ridinger) and his wife Loren. Market America’s product categories include health and nutrition and a lot more. Market America is a Better Business Bureau accredited business has earned an A+ rating


One of the latest ways that Market America uses in order to gain recognition is social media. One thing that is going to be very helpful for people is if they are consistently involved in social media. When they take on the tasks of social media engagements, they get themselves out there in one of the easiest ways possible. They gain followings that they could bring to their Market America unfranchised link. Find Additional Information Here.

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Jeunesse and Weight Management: ZEN Project 8

Jeunesse Global is a worldwide company whose founders, Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray, focus on health. ZEN Project 8 is one of the systems they have developed. Mark Macdonald is the fitness leader for this project.


Macdonald created the system to help transform people’s physical appearances and to improve their quality of life. Mark has worked with everyone from high-profile celebrities to athletes. He believes that proper nutrition and habits are the keys to weight management. You can find more of his work in books, magazine articles, and on CNN.


The ZEN Project 8 breaks down the process of losing weight. The program is eight weeks long, and Jeunesse knows support is an important part of any long-term life change. They have set up a community where participants can share stories and encourage each other, and there is expert coaching and advice available.


Phase one begins by just eliminating foods that cause excess bloat. The common culprits are cheese, sugar, and soda pop. In addition to avoiding bloat causing food, your digestive tract will be purged. The purge will flush out toxins and bloating water. See This Article for more information.


Phase two will be the time to engage in physical activity. The activities will include body sculpting and weight training. Aerobics are completed twice a week. Each session is 30 minutes long and can be anything from running, jump roping, or bicycling, just to name a few.


The last phase is the step that is most important for mental training. Maintaining this new level will take commitment, but it will not be hard to continue with this lifestyle once you have learned how to control your mindset. Some skills you will learn are how to vary your food choices. Not becoming bored or held hostage with meal plans is important to your success in the ZEN Project 8. The plan also includes ‘cheat’ recipes.


Learning to live a healthy and a replenishing lifestyle is the goal of Jeunesse. They foster business entrepreneurs to share and sell their supplements and programs around the world. The company, which started in 2009, operates in over 100 countries.




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