Elysium Health’s Basis

Elysium Health is a growing consumer health company that wants to help people live healthier, longer.


Elysium works directly with world-class scientists to translate advances in science and technology into clinically-validated health products that work.


Elysium Health was co-founded in 2014 by Dr. Leonard Guarente. Dr. Guarente serves as the chief scientist of Elysium Health, and also the director of The Paul F. Glenn Center for Biology of Aging Research at MIT. He has conducted significant research into the genetic and molecular causes of aging during his scientific career. (See How To Be Preventative About Your Health)


Cellular Health

One area of health that many people do not consider is cellular health. Cellular health plays a major role in how a person ages.


There are several ways to improve cellular health within the body. One way is through lifestyle changes.


Eating a healthy diet is a great example of a lifestyle change. By simply adding more natural food options to your diet, you can make a huge difference to your energy levels. It is also important to exercise regularly. There are numerous studies that show exercise has a positive impact on cellular health. Over time, exercising each day will make you feel more energetic and lower the risk of developing health problems.



Elysium Health sells a daily supplement called Basis. Basis is designed to support cellular health by increasing levels of NAD+ in our bodies. NAD+ is a coenzyme that is essential to many of our cellular functions like DNA protection, energy creation, and circadian rhythms. As we age, our levels of NAD+ decline naturally and those functions break down.


To purchase Basis and to find out more about Elysium Health, the team of scientists that the company works with, and the science behind Basis, visit Elysium’s by clicking on This Link.


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Mark Mofid Plastic Surgeon – Buttocks

Dr. Mark Mofid, is a well-known cosmetic surgeon, graduated from Harvard University Magna Cum Laude for his undergrad degree and then continued to complete his medical degree. His concentration was on surgery, plastic surgery and craniofacial (skull and face) research. He spent part of his education under fellowship at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.


Mark Mofid provides many different procedures to help undo signs that the mom has had children and restore her youthful appearance. They include Botox Cosmetic treatments, Dermal Fillers, and Breast Reductions.


In an interview with Mark Mofid, plastic surgeon from San Diego, he claimed a long list of knowledge regarding buttock implants. He states that many patients come to him wanting implants to make their buttocks larger, despite the risks and complications it may cause. He only uses intramuscular implants and refuses to go beyond a certain size even if the patient demands it. Larger implants have a much higher risk of palpability, incisional separation, and malposition. He states that gravity will eventually move the implants into an inferior position where the implant is ruined. Mark Mofid recommends fat grafting over implants, despite the limits fat may have the risk is much lower in this way. See This Article for additional information


Mark Mofid began his practice of buttock implantation eight years ago, when he was frustrated with what silicone implants could offer. The problem at the time was the implants were just too large for intramuscular placement. Mark Mofid, in response to this problem, invented a low profile round gluteal implant that solves two of his problems. This implant provided a better profile and shape to ease the intramuscular positioning and an improved base on top of that. Simply put, everyone says that they didn’t look like implants, they didn’t look fake. They gave off a natural look, which is what Mark was going for.


After doing so many surgeries, Dr Mofid gained the ability to spot an implant on the spot, inspiring his invention. As of 2012, butt implants in Brazil increased by more than three hundred percent, and more than 20,000 patients were operated on. The demand for the procedure in America didn’t see such growth because the supply is low, but in Brazil, a significant number of surgeons are trained, increasing the demand for buttock implantation and surgeries to be done.

Visit: https://www.realself.com/find/California/San-Diego/Plastic-Surgeon/M.-Mark-Mofid