Dr. Saad Saad Gives Important Lessons to Young Professionals

Dr. Saad Saad is a retired pediatric surgeon who has left a legacy in the medical profession. Although he was born in a poor family that did not have luxuries to enjoy, he went against all odds to succeed, working in the United States as a pediatric surgeon. His love for saving the lives of little children set him apart from all other professional doctors in the world.

The doctor has lived the best life in the United States, and he has raised his children to join some of the best careers just like him. There are many lessons the doctor has taught the world.

People who want to remain successful in their career lives should consider the lessons from Saad Saad. His own children are doing well in life because they have followed what their father taught them. Here are some of the tough issues the doctor thinks all people should keep in their minds so that they can have the best life. Read more: Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon

Regardless of what is happening around you, never accept anything apart from the success you want: When Saad Saad was born in the 40’s, he realized that his family and country was not doing well. There were so many changes that were taking place in Palestine when the doctor was born.

There are millions of Palestinians who were forced to leave their home country when the State of Israel was formed. Dr. Saad Saad and his family were among the people who were evicted from their home. One morning changed their lives when their mother was told to board a bus so that she could go to unidentified destination in the company of her children. Read more: Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon

Their father was not present at home, and he has to spend a very long time looking for his family. This background was tough for any person who wants to live a great life, but it did not stop Saad from pursuing his career goals.

The only hope for a good career was working hard in school. Studying medicine is tough for many professionals, but Saad Saad had no choice but to keep up with the hardships that were coming his way. His good behavior and hard work helped him to start practicing his career in the United States.

Accomplish all your tasks today. Do not wait for tomorrow. In one of the publications that have been issued lately, Dr. Saad asks his followers to avoid procrastination because it will always make them less productive. Waiting for tomorrow so that you can start an idea you have in mind is only a way of preparing to fail. Most of the successful doctors have used this strategy in their careers, and they are living the best life.

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Hyland’s Teething Tablets Help Make Teething Easier

For parents who have teething children, the process can be difficult. Babies who are teething are often in a lot of pain and that makes things harder for parents. Since babies can get irritable and have difficulty with other things when they’re teething, it’s often important for parents to make sure they can do everything possible to ease the pain. Instead of going to things filled with chemicals or teething toys that just don’t work, parents have the option to use Hyland’s Teething Tablets. These tablets allow babies to start feeling better and might be able to reduce some of the pain that comes from teething. It could make it easier for parents to help reduce their babies’ irritability since they’re not dealing with as much pain. The teething tablets are made to be natural so they’re not as difficult for babies to deal with. Here is more information about Hyland’s Teething Tablets http://www.directionsforme.org/item/2343274

Hyland’s Teething Tablets are a great way for parents to help their babies feel better while they are teething. Even though the tablets aren’t intended to treat or cure a disease, they can lessen the effects that come from teething. They can make it easier for babies to teeth without the unbearable pain that usually comes with it. Since the company knows what they can do to help reduce these problems naturally for babies, they’re making a great opportunity for people to get help so their children don’t have to suffer anymore with the issues they have.

It’s important for parents to enjoy the opportunities they can get from Hyland’s. The Hyland’s Teething Tablets are different from anything else available on the market and the company makes sure they’re offering everything parents need to continue helping babies who are teething. It’s important for the company to always push to make sure they’re giving people the options they need and that’s an important part of the process. For a long time, Hyland’s Teething Tablets have given people the chances they need to make sure their babies can get help. Since teething can take a long time, this is a great solution for parents who might need help.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong Talks About The Rise Of JD.com From A Simple Brick-And-Mortar Business


Richard Liu Qiangdong was recently interviewed by David Rubenstein for Weforum.org titled; “An Insight, an Idea with Richard Liu”. There are a lot of businessmen that want to hear from Richard Liu, as he is often called, because he managed to grow one of the most lucrative businesses in China. Many people have compared his business to other brands such as Amazon and Walmart. Richard Liu Qiangdong believes that in a lot of ways JD.com is better because they offer more product options and better quality items. At the end of the interview he even hence that they will be willing to take on these retail giants on the international stage in the very near future.


One of the things that Richard Liu is most proud of is his ability to keep JD.com competitive. Early on in his career, he learned how important it was to remain invested in his business. Many people know of the success that he has experience with JD.com but they are not aware of his once failed restaurant attempt. While this was very long ago and when Richard Liu was in college, he still uses it as a lesson for his future business decisions. He tells David Rubenstein that he wants to always remain invested in his business. David Rubenstein asked him where JD.com came from. Initially, JD.com was Jingdong Mall. Jingdong Mall was Richard Liu Qiangdong’s second attempt to start a business. With this business, he took everything that he learned from his restaurant and applied it. Jingdong Mall did much better. He eventually moved the business to the web when SARS became a major issue for Chinese citizens.


Today, there is a lot for Richard Liu Qiangdong to remain thankful for. He has expanded his business to heights that he could once only dream of. This has enabled him to adequately care for his family and the Chinese community. In fact, he tells a David Rubenstein that half of all the earnings that he personally makes from his venture with JD.com is ultimately donated to charities. It seems that the rise of JD.com has been to the benefit of many Chinese citizens and hopefully soon the world. See This Page for additional information.


Visit Richard on https://www.crunchbase.com/person/richard-liu-e9b4

Mark Mofid Plastic Surgeon – Buttocks

Dr. Mark Mofid, is a well-known cosmetic surgeon, graduated from Harvard University Magna Cum Laude for his undergrad degree and then continued to complete his medical degree. His concentration was on surgery, plastic surgery and craniofacial (skull and face) research. He spent part of his education under fellowship at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.


Mark Mofid provides many different procedures to help undo signs that the mom has had children and restore her youthful appearance. They include Botox Cosmetic treatments, Dermal Fillers, and Breast Reductions.


In an interview with Mark Mofid, plastic surgeon from San Diego, he claimed a long list of knowledge regarding buttock implants. He states that many patients come to him wanting implants to make their buttocks larger, despite the risks and complications it may cause. He only uses intramuscular implants and refuses to go beyond a certain size even if the patient demands it. Larger implants have a much higher risk of palpability, incisional separation, and malposition. He states that gravity will eventually move the implants into an inferior position where the implant is ruined. Mark Mofid recommends fat grafting over implants, despite the limits fat may have the risk is much lower in this way. See This Article for additional information


Mark Mofid began his practice of buttock implantation eight years ago, when he was frustrated with what silicone implants could offer. The problem at the time was the implants were just too large for intramuscular placement. Mark Mofid, in response to this problem, invented a low profile round gluteal implant that solves two of his problems. This implant provided a better profile and shape to ease the intramuscular positioning and an improved base on top of that. Simply put, everyone says that they didn’t look like implants, they didn’t look fake. They gave off a natural look, which is what Mark was going for.


After doing so many surgeries, Dr Mofid gained the ability to spot an implant on the spot, inspiring his invention. As of 2012, butt implants in Brazil increased by more than three hundred percent, and more than 20,000 patients were operated on. The demand for the procedure in America didn’t see such growth because the supply is low, but in Brazil, a significant number of surgeons are trained, increasing the demand for buttock implantation and surgeries to be done.

Visit: https://www.realself.com/find/California/San-Diego/Plastic-Surgeon/M.-Mark-Mofid