Shervin Pishevar And The Dow Jones Market

Some people are able to predict the market better than others. Shervin Pishevar has made a lot of his fortune from his ability to predict which tech companies will be the most successful. As an early investor in such companies as Uber and Airbnb, it’s no surprise that he has a few predictions about the market in the U.S.

His Predictions

On February 5, Shervin Pishevar tweeted that he had a few thoughts on financial storms that were brewing. He made a prediction that there would be an aggregate 6000 point drop in the coming months.

What Shervin Pishevar was not without some background information. He had 49 additional tweets worth of thoughts, which included how the market has already given up its gains of 2018 and how interest rates are on the rise.

Shervin also explains how the bond market isn’t as deep as it was once believed to be and how many asset classes are being overvalued.

The Dow Jones

The tweets that Shervin Pishevar sent out took a total of 21 hours to be sent. Within 24 hours of those tweets being sent, which were predictions of the economy, the Dow Jones began to crash. Further, S&P was scrambling to find their footing.

In just half an hour, the Dow fell 500 points. While it still has a ways to go to make up the full 6000 points that Shervin Pishevar predicted it would fall in the coming months, it’s certainly headed there. There was a massive sell-off and it was obvious that the markets were nervous.

Industrials, bonds, and indices were not safe. They still aren’t.

It’s unclear as to what made the markets so nervous, but the comments made by Shervin Pishevar on Twitter certainly didn’t help matters. It may be a sign that he is quite capable of spotting trends early on.

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Chris Burch Dominates Every Industry

Because Chris Burch has always wanted to be an active member of different industries, he has learned the right way to help people through the experiences they have. From fashion to hospitality and everything else that he has worked on, Chris Burch has been successful. His success did not come because he knew what he was doing or he was an expert in different fields. In fact, he was none of those things. His success was the result of hard work and dedication he could use to make things better on his own. He had always wanted people to realize there were different options they could use and most of them involved luxury. Refer to for additional.article.

While Chris Burch knew what he could do to help people, he also knew there would be other ways he could give back to the community he was a part of. For Chris Burch to do this, he had to try different things. He had to know there would be opportunities he could use to get successful and that’s what allowed him the chance to make sure he was helping people. For Chris Burch, this was all part of the plans he had and part of what was making him the best in the industry.  Read his views on business related matters, check

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For Chris Burch, there had been many different ways in which he could help people through the things they were dealing with. He tried to show them the right way to dress and enjoy themselves when he was prominent in the fashion industry. Then, he moved to technology. His experience in technology allowed him to show people what they could do to make their experiences better. It also gave him a chance to try a different industry and make more money from it as a result.

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Now, in the hospitality industry, he is making even more money and helping even more people. He even won an award for the things he is doing with the resorts. The ideas he has all go back to how he can make a difference and how he can show people what they are able to get out of the industry. He even shows others what they can do to make sure they are enjoying their experience in different areas. It gives him the ability to make things better and do their best while they are traveling to exotic locations on a budget and living in luxury.  Read more about this exotic getaway, head over to

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Chris Burch’s Achievements in Entrepreneurship

Mr. Chris Burch is a businessman and mainly associated with a variety of investment fields like fashion, real estate, and technology industries. Initially, he began his entrepreneurial journey as an undergraduate student at Itchica College. Both Chris and his brother at Itchica they started Eagles Eye Apparel and later sold it. Currently, Mr. Burch is the Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital. Mr. Burch’s entrepreneurial values and vision at Burch Creative Capital are in the investment philosophy of the company.  More to read on

Mr. Burch has ventured into real estate business both local and international namely palm beach, Florida, Southampton and partnered in a project which involved an underutilized land in Argentina which developed into Fauna hotel.  Related article on   Recently on Sumba Island, he acquired and rebranded a luxurious resort, Nihiwatu. In 2011 C. Wonder was launched by Mr. Burch and involved home décor retailer. Later in 2014, he announced to partner with Ellen DeGeneres to start ED by Ellen DeGeneres and then began Cocoon9 a real estate brand.  For in-depth look at his diversified investment portfolio, check

As at now, Mr. Burch supports the establishment of lifestyle and consumer goods. They include home furnishings, hospitality, organic foods and technology industries. Mr. Burch engaged with Rothman Institute Foundation as a member of the board and also Pierre hotel as the president of the board. His contributions widely range from research to activities of philanthropy. Mr. Burch has a vast experience in business hence has learned vital lessons for success.

Valuable lessons learned include Identifying that details can make the difference between success and failure because having the ability to identify details matters a lot since you gain competitive advantage and that alone can save your business when you least expect. Also to the list of lessons learned is having the ability to embrace opportunity paramount to the success of the company. He emphasized that a challenge can hinder chance. Hence it’s upon the team to give lasting solutions to an obstacle as opposed to complaining. Embracing an opportunity creates a new momentum despite the chance having all sorts of challenges.

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Also, Mr. Burch recommended social media in entrepreneurship. He added that its a useful tool for communication as it links friends and relatives all across the world. Social press hence is helpful since most people are turning to social media for information. Placing your business on social media is not enough thus it’s advisable to push for marketing via social media.

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American Express Target on Millenniums and Old Clients to Rebuild Their Brand

Mr. Stephen Squeri is a man with a heavy burden on his shoulder. Even as he takes the top job as the Chief Executive Officer at one of the biggest companies in America, the American Express, he is tasked with a responsibility of helping the company grow by attracting the millenniums and keeping the rich. Chris Burch is one of the few major investors the companies has just lost in the recent past and comes during a transitional period with the company’s change of guard from Mr. Kenneth Chenault to his successor, Stephen. Undoubtedly this is one of the biggest blows since having been part of the business from 1979. Mr. Burch who was among the 2014 Forbes list of millionaires shifts gears to JP Morgan.

Since it is normal for businesses to lose their shareholders, this is something the giant American card service provider did not anticipate and more so coming from one of its long time customers. Coming into the picture, the new CEO has a tall order with the first business of the day is proving his capabilities by building the image of the card company and maintaining its client base. Amidst the stiff competition, this is something Mr. Stephen is determined to achieve at all costs.

In the recent past, American card express has faced lots of competitions more so from major banks; this, however, has not stopped the company from achieving its goals. According to the outgoing CEO, Mr. Kenneth innovating their products and services has been a priority that they have taken very seriously. This has allowed them to serve better their different clients. If Mr. Stephen Squeri is to continue on the success path of his predecessor, then innovation is the strategy that will help him sell their services to the millenniums.

About Chris Burch

Mr. Christopher Burch, popularly known as Chris Burch is a seasoned entrepreneur who commands a huge following in the technology, hospitality, and retail investments industry.  Additional article on   His entrepreneurial journey goes way back to college years where he opened his first fashion business with his brother before selling it making huge profits. His fortunes have seen him feature in Forbes 2014 list of millionaires.  Read about his latest cool offering to the market, click on

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Burch has founded some entrepreneurial ventures and also contributed directly to over 50 businesses. His creation the Burch Creative Capital is most definitely his favorite investment. Through the operations of this company, he has been involved in the development of a number of local and international brands across the economy.  Read more about his awesome investment, check

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Nihi Sumba Island – History and Future

One of the most popular global entrepreneurs, Mr. Chris Burch, is currently working on yet another project in the industry of hospitality. Together with his partner James McBride, they have been taking the industry by storm starting with their most grandiose creation Nihi Sumba Island.

Mr. Chris Burch has been doing serial entrepreneurship for more than thirty years, and he is still ripe with new ideas. He has a strong sense of style and fashion, as well as an innate understanding of what makes the retail industry work, expand, and evolve. That has allowed his investments to be highly successful just like his own businesses. Mr. Chris Burch established the C. Wonder and the Burch Creative Capital which combines a number of his companies under its cap.  Learn more about his business vision and output on

In terms of his investments, Mr. Chris Burch has a record of various ventures such as fashion brands, home decor, stationery, hotels and resorts, gadgets and tech, as well as real estate property. Some of the brands that Mr. Chris Burch has invested in include Next Jump, Jawbone, Power mat, and a vast number of other names.   For a note-worthy article, check

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For about ten years now, Mr. Chris Burch has been involved with projects in the hospitality business He started by investing hotels and later started funding the renovation of resorts. An example of that is the Faena Hotel in Buenos Aires. The resort was created in an old grain factory, become a highly luxurious five-star hotel.  Read more about his resort in this link on

The first step that Mr. Chris Burch took into owning a resort was partnering with James McBride, a famous hotelier, and purchasing the closed down Nihiwatu. The hotel is located in Sumba Island, and it was built by a couple who set up their camp on a beach of Sumba Island. The couple loved surfing, and so they were attracted by the waves of the Indian ocean which could reach up to 20 feet. Eventually, the couple started their own business, and it was booming. When the Asian financial crisis hit, however, Nihiwatu suffered a strong decrease in clientele, and it closed down.

Mr. Chris Burch gave Nihiwatu new life, and the resort is now called Nihi Sumba Island. For the past two years, Nihi Sumba island has been voted to be the best resort in the world. Locally, Nihi Sumba Island donates a part of the profits to the Sumba Foundation that takes care of the community on Sumba island.  Be updated with his recent timeline activities, hit on

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How Chris Burch Created A 5 Star Resort On A Remote Island In Indonesia

Christopher Burch is a venture capitalist who founded Burch Creative Capital. He has over four decades of experience of being both a businessman and investor. The three pillars of Burch Creative Capital are to Create, Disrupt and Scale. The goal of the venture capitalist firm is to invest in and develop brand and companies that have the power to disrupt and affect people’s lives in meaningful and positive ways.   Check to learn more about his diverse business portfolio.

Mr. Burch has helped launch the following new ventures with celebrities such as Ellen DeGeneres. They include ED, Poppin, Cocoon9, Niwahatu and Trademark to name a few. He has previously invested in and helped develop major brands such as Voss Water, Faena Hotel + Universe and Jawbone. For an overview of his diverse investments, hop over to this.

The story of the Nihi Resort developed by Christopher Burch begins in 2012. During that year, Mr. Burch bought out an obscure resort located on the remote Indonesian island of Sumba. He then spent over three million dollars to develop the resort. The process of development and renovation would take about thee years before the Nihi Resort could open to guests.

Christopher Burch’s Nihi Resort has been met with great fanfare from visitors and magazines alike. It was voted as being one of the best hotels in the world by Travel & Leisure’s for two consecutive years after it opened up. Newspaper outlets such as the Telegraph in the UK have also praised the Nihi Resort as being one of the top hotel destinations in the globe. More about the resort on

Mr. Burch said he found out about the area when the owners of a surfing resort in a hidden island of Indonesia were looking for investors to help them stay afloat. The location piqued Chris’ interest. He sent out a friend and hotel and leisure expert, James McBride to take a look at the area and resort. Mr. McBride saw that the area had unspoiled natural beauty and had great potential to become a world class resort.  For additional reading, hit on

After settling upon a deal, Christopher Burch and James McBride bought out the land from the owners of the surfing resort and purchased some additional protected land to make room for their resort. The resort’s land now includes over 567 acres of beaches, jungle, coves, estates and villas. Some of the landmarks of the Nihi Resort include the natural elements in the landscape such as volcanic rocks and plunge pools. The resort also maintains a tribal atmosphere with teak furniture and ikat linens. It is also the biggest employer on the island and endows a foundation that supports the natives in areas such as healthcare and education.  Additional article to read here.

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Development of Both Technology and Fashion

Chris Burch is a well-known entrepreneur. He has stayed in the industry for more than 40 years. He mostly deals with technology, real estate and fashion. He is greatly contributed to the establishment for over 50 companies since he began his career. He is the founder and the CEO of Burch Creative Capital.  Visit the company website, click on and have an overview of the company’s portfolio investments.

Enlargement, provision and scales are the major keys that help in the expansion of the company because Chris Burch is able to improve companies and making them better using his entrepreneurship experience to know fresh trends in the market. The persistent of hard work he sets it to assist the company to innovate valuable trademarks that make the lives of the customers improve.   To read insights and views from Burch, hit on

Fashion and technology together it’s clear they are much more in common, they cannot do with each other apart, and they both go toe to toe with each other.

The boom box was well-known and used in the year 1970 when entertainment was involved since people walk around with them when they listening to their music. The two cassette decks were also known music player in those early days to, it was used as music and recording equipment. Later on in the early 90s music was improved to a higher level through the invention of Walkman. Technology made music to improve over the years and expand.

Fashion is great but it will make more sale in the market, so fashion requires technology in order to make more sales and reach the top level it deserves. The airbag for a cyclist is a trending fashion that is linked with technology it was made by Teresa Alstin and Anna Haupt. It is designed in a way that it is able to guard cyclist if any danger occurs.  Related article to read on

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The trend of technology and fashion continues with the frontline gloves that were made by Kevin Cannon and Ashwin Rajan which helps the Firefighter to be able to protect them by alerting one another.  For more of Burch, head over to

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