Chris Burch’s Resort Wins Awards As Best Hotel In The World

Billionaire Chris Burch is the owner of the Nihiwatu Resort, located on the island of Sumba, Indonesia. For two years in a row, 2016 and 2017, it was named as the number one hotel in the world by Travel and Leisure Magazine readers ( It’s a luxury resort that he redeveloped by spending $35 million on it. It is located on a beach which has been described as a surfer’s paradise with perfect waves on a regular basis.

The island that the Nihiwatu Resort is on is populated by about 650,000 people. Sumba is off the grid and the people that live on this island live a traditional life which includes various rituals. Chris Burch supports The Sumba Foundation which helps the villagers on this island in a number of ways. They operate four health clinics and 16 primary schools, for example. The focus is on water, education, health, and economics on the island. Additionally, the Nihiwatu Resort is a big employer of villagers.

When describing what it is like to stay at the Nihiwatu Resort, Chris Burch says that it provides a customized itinerary for each guest. He says they go on a personal journey that often comes across unexpected experiences on Sumba. He maintains a personal estate at this resort as well which is called Raja Mendaka. This villa features traditional Sumbanese features along with authentic artifacts throughout it. There are many amenities such as private infinity pools and brass outdoor bathtubs. Each person that is staying at the Raja Mendaka has their own personal butler as well throughout their visit.

Chris Burch is the founder and chief executive officer of Burch Creative Capital. His company is based in New York, New York and he invests in new ventures and develops his own brands. See for his new and up-coming investments. He first made his mark in the fashion industry in 1976 when he co-founded a company called Eagle’s Eye Apparel. This company started out with $2000 dollar that went towards buying sweaters in bulk for $10 each and then selling them on the Ithaca College campus for $15 each.

It was in 2004 that he started investing in real estate. He teamed up with Alan Faena, a hotelier, and architect Phillipe Stark on a project in Buenos Aires. The result was the Faena-Hotel+Universe which is the most popular luxury hotel in this city. He also invested money in Faena House which is located in the South Beach area of Miami.

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Nihiwatu Gets Amazing Reviews

When it comes to the fashion world, one of the most successful business owners in the world continues to be Chris Burch ( He is very well known for being the founder and primary owner of the Tory Burch Company, which is one of the top designers of luxury shoes, purses, and other accessories in the world today. While he has been very involved in Tory Burch for a long period of time, Chris Burch also invests in many other areas as well.

Another type of investment that Chris Burch has been involved with is investments in real estate and hotel projects. Over the past few years, Burch and his partners have teamed up to create one of the best resorts in the entire world. When partnering up with James McBride, who is very well known for owning and operating a wide range of hotels around the world, Burch ended up investing in a new hotel located on the island of Sumba.

Burch and McBride were able to win a bid over $40 million that was used to buy an existing hotel that was located on one of the most exotic beaches in the world. At the time, the hotel was known for being very quaint but was far from being considered a luxury getaway. However, Burch and McBride were able to change this reputation and the two spent over three years repairing it, expanding it, and giving a major facelift and renovations.

Nihiwatu, Ranked as the Number One Hotel

After spending more than $30 million renovating the hotel, Burch and McBride eventually opened the new hotel in 2015 and called it Nihiwatu. The Nihiwatu resort and hotel is now considered one of the best in the world. The hotel is situated on one of the nicest beaches in the world, is made with as much locally sourced products as possible, has an amazing staff and service reputation, and often runs a wait list for people that are looking to take a trip.

While Nihiwatu is already well known to people that are looking to take a trip to the area, a variety of magazines and travel websites have started to key in on it. In 2016 Travel and Leisure magazine ranked Nihiwatu as the number one hotel in the world. The level of luxury, scenery, and onsite amenities were the main reasons why the hotel has been so well received and reviewed by critics and hotel customers.

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How Chris Burch Has Succeeded In Multiple Industries Over The Years

Chris Burch has been an entrepreneur since he was a college student. His first brand was in clothing and was started with his brother, Bob. They sold that company many years ago and Burch started his own company called Burch Creative Capital. He is this company’s chief executive officer. Over the years his creativity has led to the founding of many different brands, over 50 at last count. More to read on

At Burch Creative Capital, Chris Burch combines his creative skills with sound business practices in order to launch new brands that amaze and delight customers around the world. He also acts as a venture capitalist and puts his money into new brands that he sees as being disruptive by offering something that has never been attempted before. His main calling is in the fashion industry but over the years he has branched out to many other industries such as hospitality, technology, and food, organic in particular.  Additional article on

One of Chris Burch’s big purchases in the hospitality industry occurred when he bought a resort on Indonesia’s Sumba Island. He entered into a partnership to by this resort which they then went about completely renovating when the purchase was completed. It’s on a beautiful and excluded island and has been very successful as a luxury resort.

Balancing Business and Philanthropic Works

In addition to his business pursuits Chris Burch has also been an active philanthropist for many years. He has given money to many charities that are local, national, and international in scope. Among the charities he has made donations to are the China Association of Social Work, NYU Langone, The Child Welfare League Of China, Mt. Sinai Hospital, and The Henry Street Settlement amongst many others. As a successful businessman he has also provided nonprofits his expertise as an entrepreneur such as the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation by serving on its board of directors. Another nonprofit he served was The Pierre Hotel Co-Op board where he was its president and as such was its top executive.

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Chris Burch’s New Interest in the Hospitality Sector

For those who know Chris Burch, he is a businessman and a respected entrepreneur. He is known for being a founder as well as co-founder of various brands across the world. Recently, he decided to venture into a new area: the hospitality sector. He teamed up with James McBride, a renowned hotelier, and bought an amazing beach hostel in Indonesia back in 2012.

Nihiwatu, the beach hostel, is situated somewhere on the Sumba Island. The two businessmen took on a renovation project that turned the hostel into a beautiful five-star resort. The resort was reopened in 2015, after the renovation was complete. After just one year of opening, Nihiwatu was ranked the best hotel worldwide by Travel + Leisure.  Read more about this best hotel, hit

In a 2015 interview, Burch revealed to the Business Jet Traveler that he bought the property for his children. His hope is that they can contribute to community development, and to preserve the environment.  For more of his entrepreneurial views, click on

Since the reopening of Nihiwatu, Burch started splitting his time between his properties in the Hamptons, Miami and Nihiwatu.

Nihiwatu is one of the perfect getaways for those who are looking for a peaceful nook within nature. It features 27 private villas, including Burch’s private home called Raja Mendaka. The latter has a main house, four villas, with each featuring its own pool. The resort has also earned a nickname “the edge of wilderness” and it has attracted many visitors from across the globe.

About Chris Burch

Burch was born in Pennsylvania in 1953. He is currently the founder and chief executive officer at Burch Creative Capital. The firm is based in New York, and it is involved in the management of various venture investments. The firm also does brand development for their clients. Burch is also the co-founder of Tory Burch, LLC, which he owned with his wife.

For those who know Chris Burch, he did not become a billionaire until 2012. His career has had its ups and downs, but he has managed to stay on course. He is currently one of the most respected businessmen of his time. His investments are mainly in the fashion industry, and the real estate sector.  Check on for his latest innovative product in the market.

His other interests are in the entertainment sector. In 1993, for instance, he produced a romantic comedy film called “Watch It.” He has also invested in various companies, including a Voss Water and Poppin.  To keep up-to-date with his new and follow on investment, head over to this.


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The Business Insider Feature of Chris Burch: A Recap

There are resorts in the world that offer the best luxury experience in the market. One of these resorts is the one which fashion mogul Chris Burch built on a remote island in Indonesia. This project is the resort to be. This piece of an island is the resort that everyone who wants to explore Indonesia should not forget to visit.

With its stunning features and amenities, it’s not that hard to see why Business Insider featured this resort as one of the top must-see locations that travelers, tourist beginners, and adventure seekers should at least try to experience at least once.

The Nihiwatu Resort

The Business Insider report also mentioned that the Nihiwatu Resort is the paradise spot that Chris Burch decided to build after founding several internationally recognized retail brands in the market, which includes C. Wonder and Tory Burch. These are two of the investments he made that got a lot of attention in the international market for their remarkable quality.

With Nihiwatu, Chris Burch has finally proven himself to be a leader, too, in the hospitality business. He builds this resort with hotelier James McBride, who bought the beach hostel on the Indonesian island of Sumba last 2012. There is a total of $30 million capital investment made for the renovation of the resort, and this gives the brand a lot of pressure to stand out and compete in the market.

With the 27 villas available in the resort, it’s not that hard to see why this will in the coming years be one of the best tourist spots in the world today.

About Chris Burch

The wealthy have an affluent lifestyle some of us might not be able to imagine. One of those rich people is Chris Burch, the serial entrepreneur who co-founded various companies that sell fashion products across the globe. Right now his active involvement for Nihiwatu makes him a leader in the hotel development industry today.

Christopher Burch is also the impressive founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital and is responsible for the company’s investment strategies that inculcate entrepreneurial values and ethics Burch firmly believes in all his life. Burch is known for actively seeking innovative strategies for all his projects, and that is why his values for creativity, incubation, scale, and imagination all contribute to making his projects a great success. For update on his timeline activities, hit on

Chris measures his success by how much he has impacted the lives of his customers, and for over 40 years being an investor and top business leader, Christopher Burch has proven himself to be the best leader in the industry based on customers’ feedback. It also helps that Chris manages a total of more than 50 companies right now in his entire career.  Learn more about his various investments, check

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With his knack for combining intuition with perception, Chris can deal with a lot of challenges in the business without losing his track record of providing innovative strategies for all types of business development.  More to read on

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Technology and Fashion Integration by Chris Burch

According To Chris Burch, technology and fashion have had various changes that have made each industry change in a unique manner. The change has seen the fashion industry as well as technology industry grow into something bigger and have lead to the collaboration of both to produce great products. Currently, fashion without technology cannot work, and technology cannot be realized without fashion. Since 1970’s, the technology has seen significant advancement from jukeboxes to cassettes to Walkman to iPods and later to music sticks that are small and classy. As technology advanced, so did the fashion. Technology developed through producing different versions but fashion determined the design of the device.

Recently, there have been drastic changes involving significant fashion discoveries from various designers. The developers later use the design platform to demonstrate how technology goes hand in hand with technology. For instance, with the advanced technology to tap the kinetic and static energy and convert it into electrical energy, Soledad Martin is creating a prototype of a shoe that can charge a cell phone as you walk. Other examples of technology and fashion synthesis include the discovery of SegraSegra who made a jacket out of recycled bicycle tubes. Telesa Austin and Anna Aupt devised and designed a dress with an airbag around the neck to protect motorcycle drivers in case of a crash. The airbag fitted dress reduces the stress of visibility obstruction by the helmet.

Past fashion inventions by great designers have proved how fashion can be integrated with technology to create trendy designs. The new firefighter’s gloves, drink-making dress, and a gown that would tap kinetic energy to run a watch are some inventions that would not happen without the involvement of technology in the fashion industry. The future lies in the hands of technology and equally in the hands of fashion.

Chris Burch is the current Chief Executive Officer at Burch Creative Capital located in New York City. He is also the co-founder of Tory Burch a luxury fashion brand. Christopher Burch has always been devoted to the power of branding and believes that giving a product the right brand name and market it correctly leads to its subsequent massive sale.  Read his important interview on

Burch is a member of many boards and advice organizations of creating and implementing sound strategies in financial fields and marketing field.  More to read on

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Chris Burch is a significant private investor lead by enthusiasm to create and establish companies dealing with the marketing of various products. He is the owner of Nihiwatu and a co-founder of Poppin.  Hop over to and read about his awesome resort in Nihiwatu.  He is also a great contributor to various magazines posting articles on various emerging issues. Chris is a role model to many and takes part in many entrepreneurial conferences addressing the youth on how to succeed as young entrepreneurs in the competitive world.

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Bringing Two Apparently Opposing Topics Together

If there is one thing that Chris Burch is good about, it is bringing two seemingly opposing concepts together. One example of this is creativity and productivity. People often think that they actually clash with each other. One of the reasons why they are believed to clash is that there seems to be some misconceptions about the two concepts. On one hand, people think creativity is all about sitting around and coming up with ideas. At the same time, productivity means just getting stuff done. People often believe that productivity could actually stifle creativity. However, there are ways to make the two work together for something really good.  Have a glimpse to one of his awesome and notable investment, check

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One of the suggestions that Chris Burch has when it comes to blending creativity and productivity is using valuable time management. While it can be very challenging to limit brainstorming to one hour, it can be very helpful in order to do so. This could bring more success to the productivity aspect of getting work done. This could also help for whenever one comes up with a new idea that could be very effective. One thing that is important is the ability think on one’s own feet.

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Chris Burch also understands the importance of memory. For one thing, ideas often disappear as quickly as they are conceptualized. Therefore, it is important to write these ideas down. One thing that will help when it comes to brainstorming is to have a pen and a piece of paper to use in the case that one comes up with an idea that he is interested in using. Once he writes it down, then he could store it where he could remember so that he could look at his notes again.  Read more of his insights on this article on   When he looks through the ideas, then he will remember and be compelled to give those ideas a try.  For more of him and his diverse business investments, head over to

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Christopher Burch – An Expert In Entrepreneurship and Investment

Christopher Burch is an American Entrepreneur and Investor. He is the CEO and Founder of an investment company known as Burch Creative Capital. Through his company, Christopher applies his entrepreneurial values and vision for the new market to support ideas and concepts that have the potential to scale large. He believes that implementing imagination, creativity, scale, and support to business and brands will lead them to create a long-lasting impact that is direct and positive.

Burch Creative Capital has participated in the rise of more than 50 companies. This is due Christopher Burch’s 30 years experience within the field of investment and entrepreneurship. Christopher has a very extensive track record due to his expertise in the fields mentioned. His ability to combine an intuitive understanding of consumer behavior with direct and international sourcing has led to this track record. Christopher Burch has backed a number of brand and businesses including ED by Ellen Degeneres, Cocoon9, Poppin, and TRADEMARK. Recently, Burch Creative Capital has broadened their type of investment to several lifestyle and consumer product brands. These types of brands range from home furnishings to organic foods and technology.  Check for additional article.

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Christopher Burch’s decision to broaden the type investments that his company makes has resulted in a very positive way. In 2012, Christopher had decided to invest in the industry of hospitality. A beach hostel located on the Indonesian island of Sumba was purchased by Burch Creative Capital along with an hotelier known as James McBride. Together, an investment of $30 million was made to renovate this hostel. In 2015, this location was reopened as a 5-star resort called Nihiwatu.

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The opening of the resort resulted in great success. Following its opening, Nihiwatu was named the best result in the world by Travel + Leisure in 2016. Click on for more of this. This achievement was a great step forward for both Christopher Burch and his company. Christopher states that resort was developed for his children and as a place to reserve. He also stated that Nihiwatu is a way to give back to the community of Sumba. To read more of his interview, hit

The success that the resort has received was more than expected to Christopher Burch. Nihiwatu is now another home for Christoper and his family. The resort consists of 27 villas including the one in which Christopher lives in.

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Nihiwatu’s Creative Hospitality Which Represents Chris Burch’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

Nihiwatu is an Indonesian word that translates to ‘the edge of wilderness’. It is the name of a five-star world class hotel on the West Coast of Sumba in Indonesia that began operating in 2015. The hotel is a renovation by the entrepreneur Chris Burch and his partner James McBride. The two spent $30 million to purchase the hotel in 2012 and renovate it to become a giant among predecessors in the hospitality fair. The exquisite place earned a space in the Travel + Leisure magazine published in 2016, naming it the best hotel of the year. Check this on

Chris revealed that he gained interest in the project after getting blown away by the organic beauty of the island and the potential of the complete project. He explained that such property is not simply a revenue generating asset, it is an appealing place that offers opportunities not easily available in other areas. More importantly, it has immeasurable opportunities for locals to gain jobs and other economic benefits from the array of activities available. Chris revealed that the finished project surpassed his expectations, making it one of his few entrepreneurial projects that pass that mark.   Be sure to click on to read a relevant article about Burch.

Nihiwatu runs the Sumba Foundation which has a specialization in giving back to the local community. The hotel has a total of 27 private villas, each of which has a plunge pool overlooking the Indian Ocean. The main villa, Raja Mendaka, belongs to Chris Burch but is open to clients when he is not in the region. The Raja Mendaka has a vast indoor and outdoor entertainment space and four extra villas. There are two tree houses which are connected by a bamboo bridge. The main one houses a living space and a private infinity pool. Both of them have bathrooms, balconies and a bedroom.   Interesting article to read here.

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Nihiwatu visitors have an array of exotic and exciting activities to engage in. The spa space is situated on the ocean front, providing a serene atmosphere. The hotel’s yoga instructors accommodate newbies and expert alike. Other engagements include surfing, which attracts world renowned surfers. Trainers are available throughout for prospective surfers and learned ones alike to advice on the status of the ocean. People who prefer a more silent area take lessons in the nearby village in accompaniment of expert trainers. Nihiwatu has options of allowing visitors to customize excursion trips in nearby destinations which have breathtaking waterfalls, mountains, and lagoons perfect for swimming. Chris revealed that he is set to take up a similar project in Costa Rica and Nicaragua in the next coming years.  More to read on

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