InnovaCare and Dr. Richard Shinto Innovate Healthcare

InnovaCare Inc. is a privately-owned healthcare supplier, and integrated provider and payer services facilitator. Headquartered in Fort Lee N.J., it is a leading provider of healthcare amenities for Puerto Rico. InnovaCare also offers a range of health-related services and plans for rest of North America as well. Presently it serves about 467,000 members. Named plans and services include: Medicare y Mucho Mas, PMC Medicare Choice, and some of the largest and oldest plans in Puerto Rico. InnovaCare’s continuous mission is innovating healthcare management and meet all challenges facing the complex healthcare atmosphere today.


InnovaCare operates under a set of core values. It places patient first, offers quality care, and works to enhance the overall value of life. They seek out innovation in the medical field, working with networks that continuously redefine medical practices for better future. They also hold their stakeholders accountable for keeping with the high standards the company operates under. They are the largest provider for Puerto Rico with 200,000 total members served by a combined network of 7,500 providers.


InnovaCare Health is headed by CEO Dr. Richard A. Shinto, who has served as Chief Executive Officer and President since 2012. Shinto is also Chief Executive Officer for MMM Healthcare, Inc. Before coming to InnovaCare Shinto was the CEO and president of Aveta Inc. Dr. Shinto has 20 plus years of operational and clinical experience in the healthcare realm. Other ticks on his resume include: management team member of North American Medical Management of Illinois Inc., Chief Medical Officer of NAMM California, and Chief Medical and Operating Officer for Medical Pathways Management Company. Dr. Shinto received a B.S. from the University of California at Irvine, with a medical degree from State University of New York at Stony Brook. He also received an M.B.A. from the University of Redlands. He brings professional experience to the company not just in the realm of business but also as a medical practitioner.


This year Dr. Shinto received his second 25 Minority in Executives in Healthcare Award from Modern Healthcare. The award comes in celebration of Shinto’s revolutionary business models which are redefining healthcare services. He remains a driving force behind the company, an innovator, and an example of diversity in the healthcare industry.


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Elysium Health’s Basis

Elysium Health is a growing consumer health company that wants to help people live healthier, longer.


Elysium works directly with world-class scientists to translate advances in science and technology into clinically-validated health products that work.


Elysium Health was co-founded in 2014 by Dr. Leonard Guarente. Dr. Guarente serves as the chief scientist of Elysium Health, and also the director of The Paul F. Glenn Center for Biology of Aging Research at MIT. He has conducted significant research into the genetic and molecular causes of aging during his scientific career. (See How To Be Preventative About Your Health)


Cellular Health

One area of health that many people do not consider is cellular health. Cellular health plays a major role in how a person ages.


There are several ways to improve cellular health within the body. One way is through lifestyle changes.


Eating a healthy diet is a great example of a lifestyle change. By simply adding more natural food options to your diet, you can make a huge difference to your energy levels. It is also important to exercise regularly. There are numerous studies that show exercise has a positive impact on cellular health. Over time, exercising each day will make you feel more energetic and lower the risk of developing health problems.



Elysium Health sells a daily supplement called Basis. Basis is designed to support cellular health by increasing levels of NAD+ in our bodies. NAD+ is a coenzyme that is essential to many of our cellular functions like DNA protection, energy creation, and circadian rhythms. As we age, our levels of NAD+ decline naturally and those functions break down.


To purchase Basis and to find out more about Elysium Health, the team of scientists that the company works with, and the science behind Basis.

Waiakea Water Company A Virtual Oasis

Just reading about Waiakea Water is enough to make one thirsty, and drinking their special high ph volcanic water from Hawaii is a sure way to quench even the most insatiable thirst. The company also acts as an impressive charity and seeks to help make the world be a better place in a number of ways. The company began in 2012 and by the end of 2018, Waiakea Water seek to be using biodegradable plastic for their water bottles, a first among the many bottled water companies out there. The water itself is also unique with its process and taste as well as its subsequent effect on the human body and psyche.


The bottled water being sourced from Hawaii is one of the reasons it is special but where it comes from is even more enticing. The water Waiakea uses actually comes from the Mauna Loa Volcano and makes its way through 14,000 feet or more than 2 and a half miles of porous volcanic lava rock. The volcanic water benefits have some to do with the high Waiakea Water ph level but also the many electrolytes present in the water. When sourced the Waikakea Water has an array of minerals and an impressive ph level of 8.8 which is very alkaline and beneficial for nourishment and detoxification.


This Hawaiian Volcanic Water is excellent for drinking, but the Waiakea also contributes to a better world in other ways. The founders recognize that there is an epidemic of plastic polluting the ocean and are introducing completely biodegradable plastic bottles. They also use recyclable plastic and is a Carbon Neutral company using low-emission vehicles for delivering their products. Refer to This Article for related information.


Waiakea Water donates three percent of its revenue to local Hawaiian community programs and nonprofit organizations. If that weren’t enough, with PumpAid as their partner, they also donate a week’s worth of water to those in need in Malawi for every liter of their bottled water bought. That equates to 650 liters of clean water for the week, and the company Waiakea Water has given several hundred million gallons of water already with no intention of stopping.