Organo Gold Founder Bernardo Chua: Award-Winning Network Marketing Industry Executive

Innovative businessman Bernardo Chua is making his mark in the network marketing industry. His company, Organo Gold, has enjoyed remarkable growth since it was founded 10 years ago. Not long ago Chua did not know much about network marketing. He was introduced to it by a company called Gano Excel. They offered him a position marketing their ganoderma infused products in the Philippines. Chua had learned about the benefits ganoderma mushrooms offered and was glad for the chance to tell as many people as possible about it. Plus, he has a naturally engaging personality and was able to gain people’s trust. Read more on Business for Home for more info.

Within three years of Chua working with Gano Excel, he expanded their customer base to include Honk Kong, Canada and the United States. Bernardo Chua then moved to the U.S. and served as the president of the newly formed Gano Excel USA. Under Chua’s leadership the company quickly became wildly successful. He was able to build a marketing network that contain over 800,000 people and had millions of customers. People loved the many benefits they enjoyed from ingesting the company’s products which contained extracts from the ganoderma mushroom. Chua and Gano Excel also won several network marketing industry awards.

Bernardo Chua decided to start his own network marketing company in 2008. He called the new company Organo Gold. It offers an array of products containing extracts from the ganoderma mushroom and grapeseed oil. Chua also invested a great deal in educating customers about the benefits the ganoderma mushroom has to offer. Plus, he hired some of the leading organic farmers to grow the highest quality ganoderma mushrooms possible and offered the products he made from them to his marketing team at a reduced rate. This enabled them to proper greatly and become willing to introduce even more consumers to Organo Gold products.

Since becoming involved in network marketing, Chua’s companies have won ‘Network Marketing Company Of the Year’ five times. Chua himself has won numerous awards and accolades for his work. Plus, both Organo Gold customers and the network marketing team love Chua for the benefits his products provide. Read more:


Bernardo T. Chua: Marketing in the Philippines

Bernardo Chua has worked in multi-level marketing for years. Born in the Philippines, Bernardo learned the appreciation of hard work. At the start of his career, he was an executive at Gano Excel. The company started in the Philippines but with Bernardo Chua, it quickly grew into an international success.

Due to federal troubles, Chua left Gano and founded his own company, ORGANO GOLD. The company is actually several companies that operate under the trading names of Organo Gold and Coffee Connoisseur. The overall mission that Chua had in mind was to offer a wide range of healthy bioactive coffee products. Most of the products contained Ganoderma.

In 2015, the company rebranded its name to ORGANO, but it did continue selling a wide range of healthy consumables. The success of ORGANO has earned Bernardo Chua numerous accommodations and awards.

On January 27, 2015, he and two of his Organo Gold team members personally received the prestigious Dangal ng Bayan Award. The company was awarded two People’s Choice Awards.

The Dangal ng Bayan Award is the most prestigious professional award in the Philippines. The awards were founded in the early eighties by the National Consumer Affairs Foundation.

It was specifically designed to honor world-class Filipino products and achievers. Bernardo certainly met the requirement with his vision and ability to motivate his fellow Filipino countrymen. Chua was also awarded as one of the “Outstanding Global Entrepreneur.” Learn more about Bernado Chua:

His many awards are due to his role as CEO and Founder and Organo Gold. Organo Gold is the fastest growing network of marketing companies in the world. Organo isn’t just some company that offers good products.

It’s a revolutionary lifestyle company that offers healthy products that contain Ganoderma lucidium, which comes from mushrooms.

When Bernado Chua began Organo Gold in 2008, he had only a dream. He had no idea that his company would become as successful as it has. Organo Gold is more than just a company owned by Chua. It holds a special place in all Filipinos’ hearts as one of the most beloved.