Jeff Yastine, the Accomplished Journalist

Jeff Yastine is the current editor with the Total Wealth Insider. He is among the editorial team that serves at Banyan Hill Publishing. Jeff Yastine has in the past worked as a financial journalist and stock investor for more than 20 years. The expertise and experience that Jeff Yastine has in the business field have contributed a lot when it comes to the growth and success of Banyan Hill Publishing. Jeff is a weekly contributor to the Sovereign Investor Daily and the Winning Investor Daily at Banyan Hill Publishing. He is responsible for offering the readers of the magazine, his insights on different matters that involve investments. The ideas of Jeff help investors when it comes to emerging economic, monetary and business trends. Read more about Jeff Yastine at  Bloomberg.

Jeff Yastine is a former news anchor who was Emmy-nominated. He also served as a correspondent at PBS Nightly Business Report from 1994 to 2010. Being an accomplished journalist, Jeff Yastine has learned financial and investment secrets from the top and successful businesspeople and entrepreneurs like Richard Branson and Warren Buffet. He has in the past interviewed these top personalities where they talked about their different investment strategies. The journalism career of Jeff Yastine has acquired reputation as a result of the many stories that he has told about and covered. Jeff is known for warning investors on the real estate crisis which took place in the mid 2000’s. The renowned journalist also gave caution to investors about the dot-com bubble.

 Jeff Yastine covered the oil spill in 2010 that is said to have affected the famous Deepwater Horizon. He also became famous after he explained the financial implications of the Hurricane Katrina to enterprises and business in America. On a visit to Cuba, Jeff Yastine wrote about the importance of foreign investors to the economy of America. He was in 2007 nominated for the prestigious Emmy award. The nomination was as a result of his coverage and reporting of the infrastructure of America.  Learn more on about Jeff Yastine

Jeff Yastine was among the journalists who were able to win the awards for the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants. Jeff serves as a mentor and role model to young and upcoming journalists. His success in journalism comes from his hard work, passion, commitment, and discipline. Jeff Yastine’s achievements are based mostly on the hard work that he puts in covering significant financial trends and news which range from economic patterns to bond markets. Watch:

Why Businessman Kevin Seawright Is Boosting Homeownership In Baltimore

Kevin Seawright is a Baltimore businessman who has worked in both the public and private sectors over the course of his professional career. After graduating from college he joined the City of Baltimore as their payroll director. His success at this job led to him becoming the city’s chief financial officer. After a number of other positions in the 10 and a half years he worked for the city, such as managing fiscal officer, He left in March 2011 so that he could put his business skills to use for a private company.

The first private sector job that Kevin Seawright had was at Tito Contractors, a company based in Washington D.C. He was the vice president of operations for just over two years and he accomplished quite a bit during this time. He reorganized their accounting department, for instance, and put in place a new performance tracking system that was very innovative. He also handled a number of other areas at this firm such as changing this firm’s auditing procedures.

After working for two other private firms Kevin Seawright decided to go into business for himself. He is the managing partner and chief operating officer at Real Property Solutions (RPS), LLC, a company he established in Baltimore in January 2015. His overall aim is to increase the number of homeowners in the city of Baltimore. He does this by buying older homes and then having contractors and volunteers rehabilitate the property. Once the home if repaired they sell the home on favorable terms to first-time homebuyers. Read this article for more info.

People owning the homes they’re in is very important for a number of reasons, Kevin says. First, they build equity and increase the overall wealth of the household. Also, people who own their homes take more pride in it and the overall neighborhood. This leads to more cohesive and safer neighborhoods. He also says that homeownership leads to a more diverse society overall and can improve the economy of the entire city. Presently about 1/3rd of people own homes in Baltimore and it’s Kevin’s goal to boost this to 2/3rds.


What You Need to Know and Understand About Cryptos like Bitcoin, Litcoin and Ripple

Litcoin, Ripple, and bitcoin are 3 different types of crypto currencies. Each of which have their own unique features and value attached to them. Understanding the difference between each type can help people to determine which crypto is suited for their needs and preferences. Hence, before the average investor makes a trade or buys crypto, they may consider the facts that gurus like Ian King shares with those who want to make the best choice. In order to impart the information that Ian King has acquired over the last 2 decades, Ian King must present what he has learned in an easy to read and understand format. Once the information is clear for others to understand, he can then encourage those people that’s following his trading recommendations to buy or mine digital coins via the opportunities that have been provided for the consumer and the investor too. See more of Ian King on facebook for more updates.

Using Creditable Resources to Determine How much it Cost

Additionally, when a prospective investor decides to buy bitcoins, they will need to make sure the source that they use is credible. This is because there are quite a few scams on the internet that involves trading crypto to those that may or may not be able to afford the huge investments. Also, to ensure the information that Ian King gathers to gather is heard, the platform that he uses to reach the masses is currently in the form of a publication called Banyan Hill. In the articles written for Bayan Hill, the average consumer can find out info like the assigned value to Bitcoins and to Ethereum.

What determines the Value of a Bitcoin

Assigning a value to bitcoin or any other crypto is not as easy as one may think since the values of a bitcoin can easily differ from one day to the next. Primarily, however, one of the best ways to determine the value of any bitcoin is to see how much money is backing the number of bitcoins when they are being purchased. The value can be different in a number of essential ways since it is compared to the amount of reserves that it matches. In order to understand clearly how the money’s value is determined, people will need to look back at the Federal Reserve Bank. The federal reserve bank helps to determine the assigned value to each customer who has a checking account or a banking account. Hence, no one really knows the value of a bitcoin or litcoin if they cannot wait to see its valuation prior to storage. View more:


Sawyer Howitt’s Family Background and the Top Industries for Millennial Entrepreneurs

People who want to know how Sawyer Howitt has gotten the insight that is needed for success as an entrepreneur will be happy to know that he comes from a family of entrepreneurs. This does help in that Sawyer gets to observe the entrepreneurs and even learn from them. Even people that are born from an employee background can still learn how to be entrepreneurs. With the internet being in the advanced form, it is easy to find information on what can be done to succeed in any industry. Sawyer Howitt has a lot of information on the top industries or entrepreneurs to get involved in.

Among the industries that millennial entrepreneurs can get involved in are relaxation beverages, corporate wellness, social network game development among others. One of the best ways for people to find out where they can profit is to find out about what they are passionate about. Then they can find a market for their passion. Another good area for people to get into if they are passionate about is the mobile industry. There is so much to the mobile industry. Like with internet, people are going to start finding many ways to make money from their mobile devices.

One of the greatest advantages to connectivity is that people have it easier than ever when it comes to earning money. A lot of programs are easy to get into and they have a good earning potential as it depends on the person. One of the most important things for people to do if they want to be successful like Sawyer Howitt is to know their limits. Humility also works for the entrepreneur in that it opens up his mind to many possibilities and allows him to learn from some sources that he might see to be unlikely.

Sawyer is hoping to be the voice and the role model that millennials need. Every generation needs a leader so that they can come together and grow. One of the best traits of millennial is that they are both witnessing and bringing forth a new world that is going to be an improvement over the previous world. Visit:


Having schooled in the state of Oregon, Sawyer Howitt is one of the highly admirable young people in the country with substantial knowledge in financial and functional aspects needed to run an enterprise without any hitches. Consumer and brand interactions form a formidable force in the way he conducts his daily work and also brings out his passion for customer service delivery very well.

He was able to exercise his dedication to customer service by working at the Meriwether Group as the Projects Manager a role that mainly focused on the way companies would strategies to meet the ever demanding advancement in the technological sphere. Over the preceding, Howitt love for both the people and communities around him has seen him participate in numerous charities, pieces of training that focus on the youths and also keenly looking at the women rights. Howitt great insights to the youths are on them engaging on more rewarding business opportunities that are visionary oriented and opposed to the usual way of conducting business.

He points out the relaxation beverage venture as an upcoming and promising business that the millennial are exploring more vibrantly. Healthcare awareness is on the frontline when it comes to coming up with millennial ideas of enterprises. Corporate wellness is another brilliant twist that this generation has introduced and according to Sawyer, they have put all their focus and attention. Healthy staffs tend to increase productivity, and their delivery is more improved leading to reduced cost trying to solve concerns and issues that would arise from a workforce that is not healthy and less productive.

Sawyer Howitt is a senior who currently at his second-semester and his primary interest is on Finance and the field of business. At his young age, he is conversant with all aspects of finance and the operational procedures of business enterprises He is skilled in the general filling, customer service, spreadsheet work and minute wring for meetings and is up to the task regardless of the complexity the job can offer. During his free time and being a fun of the Trail Blazer, Howitt loves a good time and consistently cheers the Portland team. In addition to that, he enjoys listening to new music, cultural activities, the latest fashion fads, and trends, also keeping up with fitness, wellness and a wider interest in the global market trends.

Norman Pattiz: Creating a Show for Norman Lear

People who are listening to PodCastOne should look forward to a new program that will be broadcasted through the platform. “All of the Above with Norman Lear” will be the title of the new show that will be hosted by Hollywood veteran Norman Lear. The show will be taking its listeners to a variety of conversations, and it will have an open topic, covering everything under the sun. The format of the show also involves the point of view of different celebrities, politicians, and the public. Norman Lear will also be with Paul Hipp on every episode ( The show runs every Monday, and those who wanted to listen to the first podcast should pre-subscribe now. Norman Lear expressed his excitement on this new project, and thanked Norman Pattize for giving him a chance to be a podcaster.


Norman Pattiz is known as the founder and the executive chairman of PodcastOne, one of the most successful media corporation and network in the United States. PodCastOne is an advertiser supported podcast network, and because of its recent performance and dominance in the market, it is now considered as a leader in the podcasting industry. Norman Pattiz is proud to say that his network currently has 300 hours of weekly programming. Currently, over 200 programs are being broadcasted through PodCastOne, and they deliver about 400 million monthly impressions through the use of advertising. PodCastOne has been generating their income through the help of the advertisers, and experts say that the company would still grow further as the demand for podcast advertising increases.


Norman Pattiz has over 40 years of experience in the broadcasting and media industry. Aside from PodCastOne, he also established Westwood One. He managed to transform Westwood One as the leading and the largest provider of news and other forms of programming in the broadcasting industry. With the influence and skills that Norman Pattiz has, Westwood One was also able to forge partnerships with giant American media conglomerates. This partnership allowed them to distribute exclusive programming from the giant networks, including the Summer and the Winter Olympics.


Learning about the potential of podcasting, Norman Pattiz founded PodCastOne in hopes that the network will become the form of entertainment in the future. Through his leadership, the company managed to become one of the fastest growing networks in the United States. Norman Pattiz also spearheaded a research in partnership with a private research firm to determine how effective marketing is through podcast. He found out that podcasting really impacts advertising greatly, and he has been using this knowledge to deliver more revenue for his company.


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