Unraveling the NewsWatch Secret to Success

NewsWatch is one of the leading TV programs that have aired over 20 years that provides reviews on updates on technology, electronic gadgets, a preview of customer reviews on products, travel news, health and celebrity interviews. The company is a part of Bridge Communications. The hosts of the program are Michael Tropeano, Susan Bridges and Michael Ison.

NewsWatch moves with the present media trends and that is its secret to maintaining its audience and position in this competitive entertainment sector. When it first started to air in 1990, they focus mostly on financial news. Through the years it has spread to other areas like technology updates and electrical gadgets. It also has moved to a more enjoyable TV news magazine release thus helping it to capture its audience from all sides. They majorly started to focus on technology news in 2011 after introducing its review sector that attracted a larger audience. In so doing it has had to work with other companies like Fortune 500 that provides NewsWatch with product reviews.

In 2012, it launched App Watch which reviews app for androids, IOS and windows phones. This segment airs weekly on Monday’s at 7 am on AMC Network and ION Television Network and is hosted by Andrew Tropeano. The show also provides entertainment for its audience by interviewing celebrities. Some of the few celebrities who have been hosted on the show are Chris Pratt, Julie Bowen, and Chris Noth amongst many others.

Not only has NewsWatch gained recognition amongst its audience but it has also won the Gold and Platinum Marcom Awards in 2017 and videographer award. To keep in touch with its audience it has a good presence in social media: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. Their website also contains information of whatever they air. According to Andrew Tropeano NewsWatch future is in social media as more focus nowadays is there.