Having schooled in the state of Oregon, Sawyer Howitt is one of the highly admirable young people in the country with substantial knowledge in financial and functional aspects needed to run an enterprise without any hitches. Consumer and brand interactions form a formidable force in the way he conducts his daily work and also brings out his passion for customer service delivery very well.

He was able to exercise his dedication to customer service by working at the Meriwether Group as the Projects Manager a role that mainly focused on the way companies would strategies to meet the ever demanding advancement in the technological sphere. Over the preceding, Howitt love for both the people and communities around him has seen him participate in numerous charities, pieces of training that focus on the youths and also keenly looking at the women rights. Howitt great insights to the youths are on them engaging on more rewarding business opportunities that are visionary oriented and opposed to the usual way of conducting business.

He points out the relaxation beverage venture as an upcoming and promising business that the millennial are exploring more vibrantly. Healthcare awareness is on the frontline when it comes to coming up with millennial ideas of enterprises. Corporate wellness is another brilliant twist that this generation has introduced and according to Sawyer, they have put all their focus and attention. Healthy staffs tend to increase productivity, and their delivery is more improved leading to reduced cost trying to solve concerns and issues that would arise from a workforce that is not healthy and less productive.

Sawyer Howitt is a senior who currently at his second-semester and his primary interest is on Finance and the field of business. At his young age, he is conversant with all aspects of finance and the operational procedures of business enterprises He is skilled in the general filling, customer service, spreadsheet work and minute wring for meetings and is up to the task regardless of the complexity the job can offer. During his free time and being a fun of the Trail Blazer, Howitt loves a good time and consistently cheers the Portland team. In addition to that, he enjoys listening to new music, cultural activities, the latest fashion fads, and trends, also keeping up with fitness, wellness and a wider interest in the global market trends.

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