Penn West Is Reinventing Itself As A New And More Focused Version Of Its Old Self As Obsidian Energy

Penn West was recently renamed Obsidian Energy, and the company is looking to grow itself over the coming years by improving its offerings and maintaining a transparent model of running its business. The shareholders of the company were overwhelmingly in favor of the name change, and a vote revealed that more than 9 out of every ten shareholders were ready to move forward with the company’s new mission under its new name. The name came from the fact that obsidian is glass that occurs naturally in volcanoes that can be made sharp. Obsidian Energy is expecting to do the same with its own company by making it better in many different ways.


While Obsidian Energy is a mid-sized oil and gas company that is based in Canada, it is looking to become as efficient as possible with its offerings. It’s gas and oil fields are found in Alberta, Canada in a part of the country that is home to our planet’s largest reserves of petroleum. They are located, specifically, in Alberta Viking, Peace River, and Pembina Cardium, and, together, they produce roughly 31,000 bbl every day. With these assets in place, the company is building their everyday operations around them, and its entrepreneurial model of business is helping them to connect with new customers and revenue streams of income on a daily basis.  Find Additional Information Here.


Obsidian Energy has set a precedence within its own framework to ensure that it does all of its business with its shareholders in mind. This means that the company makes clear its policies and regulatory compliance expectations and offers its contractors as well as its employees all of the training and education they need to be able to follow the codes of conduct and rules set out before them. Obsidian Energy ensures that its workplace is safe and that it always follows procedures to protect the environment of the communities that it works in. To make sure that everyone is on the same page in the company, Obsidian has a Code Of Business Conduct and Ethics manual that outlines exactly what it expects of itself and what it expects of its employees and business partners.


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Stream Energy And Alternative Energy Sources

Coal used to be the most prominent source of energy in the United States. In recent years, however, coal has certifiably been shown to be bad for the world’s environment.


While changing from providing energy primarily through coal mining and burning to other, more-renewable forms makes life difficult for families that have relied on coal for income, the switch is undeniably more beneficial for the world at large.


Stream Energy Pushes For Renewable Energy Forms


Stream, based in Dallas, Texas, is one of the biggest advocates for alternative energy forms in the United States. While the company and its constituents hate seeing families struggle with bringing in income, they love knowing that the world continually becomes a better place as more people switch to renewable forms of energy.


The National Center for Policy Analysis found that coal was the go-to source of energy in America in 2012, accounting for a whopping 40 percent of the nation’s power. In recent years, natural gas has overtaken coal as the most popular source of energy, something Stream is happy about.


Also popular in today’s world of sourcing energy are solar and wind, as they are infinitely renewable, although they cost much more than natural gas or coal to garner use from.


The United States Clean Power Plan took even more away from coal producers and users, a bill that was signed in 2016. It collectively reduced the production capacity of coal plants in the United States by roughly 13,000 megawatts in the year it was founded. Click Here for additional information.


About Stream Energy


Stream Energy, currently located in Dallas, Texas, was founded in 2005 by Pierre Koshakji and Rob Snyder. After the electricity market in Texas was deregulated, Stream Energy began hooking up customers with contracts for various forms of energy. Three years after its foundation, Stream Energy expanded to Georgia, in the Southeast United States.


In 2010, Stream pushed further into the United States, into the New England area. Today, the organization offers mobile phone and energy services in seven states, as well as the nation’s capital.


Stream’s headquarters can currently be found at the Tollway Center on Dallas Parkway.


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