White Shark Media’s Free Evaluations And Plans For Your Business

Marketing can be one of the most time-consuming tasks for running a business, and when it comes to paid search marketing you can usually get better results through outsourcing it to another company. Paid search marketing, sometimes referred to as PPC or SEM can sometimes be trickier to implement than search engine optimization (SEO) because you’re not merely relying on organic results when someone enters a search, but instead are relying on keywords you’ve paid for in hopes that they’ll help your campaigns will drive in traffic. But when you really want to hire a company that can turn that traffic into sales leads, White Shark Media should be who you look to.


Why White Shark Media?


White Shark Media is a reliable company that’s made it to Google’s small business partner network, a recognition that few companies can have because of strict requirements for managing AdWords campaigns. They are also an authorized reseller of Microsoft’s Bing ads. White Shark Media has also taken steps to improve communication and call tracking features of their company. To make sure no customers lose track of AdWords campaigns, you’re given a contact person that you can reach any time, and their specialists host monthly review meetings to go over campaign performances.


How You Can Get An Evaluation


White Shark Media won’t take over your Google or Bing ad accounts until you’ve seen how they can help you. They have free evaluations in which they will meet you on GoToMeeting.com, take a look at your current campaigns and explain to you how they could make them perform even better. They will not actually change anything in your campaigns until your hire them, but they’ll give a thorough explanation. If you don’t want to hire them after the evaluation, you can simply use the knowledge you gained for your own purpose and walk away.