Why Businessman Kevin Seawright Is Boosting Homeownership In Baltimore

Kevin Seawright is a Baltimore businessman who has worked in both the public and private sectors over the course of his professional career. After graduating from college he joined the City of Baltimore as their payroll director. His success at this job led to him becoming the city’s chief financial officer. After a number of other positions in the 10 and a half years he worked for the city, such as managing fiscal officer, He left in March 2011 so that he could put his business skills to use for a private company.

The first private sector job that Kevin Seawright had was at Tito Contractors, a company based in Washington D.C. He was the vice president of operations for just over two years and he accomplished quite a bit during this time. He reorganized their accounting department, for instance, and put in place a new performance tracking system that was very innovative. He also handled a number of other areas at this firm such as changing this firm’s auditing procedures.

After working for two other private firms Kevin Seawright decided to go into business for himself. He is the managing partner and chief operating officer at Real Property Solutions (RPS), LLC, a company he established in Baltimore in January 2015. His overall aim is to increase the number of homeowners in the city of Baltimore. He does this by buying older homes and then having contractors and volunteers rehabilitate the property. Once the home if repaired they sell the home on favorable terms to first-time homebuyers. Read this article for more info.

People owning the homes they’re in is very important for a number of reasons, Kevin says. First, they build equity and increase the overall wealth of the household. Also, people who own their homes take more pride in it and the overall neighborhood. This leads to more cohesive and safer neighborhoods. He also says that homeownership leads to a more diverse society overall and can improve the economy of the entire city. Presently about 1/3rd of people own homes in Baltimore and it’s Kevin’s goal to boost this to 2/3rds.

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