ClassDojo Changing the Way Our Students Learn

ClassDojo is changing everything about the way our students learn. This communication platform, now being use in two out of three schools in the nation, has allowed for more consistent and thorough communiqué between all three facets of education; teachers, parents, and the student. During its initial creation in 2011, founders, Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary, say there were a host of platforms on the market aimed at curriculum building, keeping grades, and providing testing bases, however, nothing quite like ClassDojo, which offers a free, unique, communication structure, had been developed. Today, ClassDojo has carved out a place for itself on the market, and provides services to more than 85,000 schools in the United States, most of which are kindergarten through eighth grade classes.

ClassDojo emerges from the world of similar platforms based on its own focus on communication, which is plainly a focus adopted by the entire ClassDojo company. The platform’s co-founder Sam Chaudhary has committed himself to listening to the feedback of teachers, parents, and students alike during the development of the program, which led to ClassDojo addressing the real world problems of educators and those they educate. One of those problems, establishing and maintaining communication between parents, students, and teachers outside of parent/teacher conferences, is directly addressed by ClassDojo’s uniquely integrative system, which allows teachers to update student progress daily, parents to stay informed on their students success, and students to feel included in the process.

ClassDojo’s most basic mission is to allow for the power to create incredible classrooms across the board, and they are achieving that by creating community, and positive culture, in classrooms where everyone is included. Not only is ClassDojo interested in providing the empowerment of connection throughout the education experience, the company is also invested in ground-up change in developing students social-emotional skills. Through ClassDojo’s unique operating design, and by taking advantage of its core audience of kindergarten to eighth grade, the communication platform is customizable for achieving the perfect classroom for each individual student. By providing for and nurturing our children’s emotional growth, as well as allowing parents to stay connected with teachers consistently, ClassDojo is changing the future of education.