Brian Torchin Has Taken His Personal Experience In The Medical Field And Used It To Help The Healthcare Field Fill Its Vacancies

Brian Torchin is a respected member of the medical profession who has an impressive background from an academic standpoint. he studied exercise science at Delaware and then went on to attend the Chiropractic College in New York City where he earned his Chiropractic degree in 1995. Since obtaining his qualifications and gaining his board certification, Brian went to work establishing his own Chiropractic practice in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He quickly developed a reputation among his patients as being a Chiropractic professional who really knew how to help patients to overcome the different types of pain that they were suffering from. Brian Torching is also Managing Partner with Healthcare Recruitment Counselors LLC. This company focuses on facilitating staffing and consulting needs within the rapidly evolving healthcare field and has developed an impressive reputation as a firm that works hard to provide its clients with customized solutions for their needs in the healthcare industry. Read more about Brian Torchin at Behance

Brian Torchin became inspired to found Healthcare Recruitment Counselors as a way to find qualified candidates to fill the positions that are needed in the healthcare industry. He realized that employee turnover is one of the biggest obstacles that the healthcare industry faces. Today, Brian is a leader with the firm as it works to fill staffing needs for hospitals, healthcare industry companies and legal firms. The company also helps fill positions in the dental, nursing, physical therapist and chiropractor fields.

Brian Torchin is always looking for innovative ways to help to get the word out about the work that he is doing at Healthcare Recruitment Counselors. One of the ways that he accomplishes this is by utilizing the ever-growing popularity of social media sites such as Facebook. A trip to the Facebook page of Brian reveals posts about many of the different positions that Healthcare Recruitment Counselors is looking to fill.