Clay Siegall; Using Targeted Therapy to Find Cancer Treatment

Clay Siegall; Using Targeted Therapy to Find Cancer Treatment

Seattle Genetics is a growing multi-product global technology firm located in the Pacific Northwest. Over the years, the company has mastered the art of developing in addition to commercializing therapies targeting cancer to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives. With that said, ADCETRIS is one such drug conjugate that Seattle Genetics has formed since its inception. This drug is FDA approved for the treatment of a variety of CD-30 expressing lymphomas.

Seattle Genetics

Other than ADCETRIS, Seattle Genetics has launched a pipeline of drugs for targeted therapies in various stages of clinical testing. These stages include ongoing and planned pivotal trials made for tumors. Some of the drugs include Enfortumab vedotin made for metastatic cancer and tisotumab vedotin made for metastatic cervical cancer. Over the years, this company has landed global opportunities and managed to conduct extensive research to advance ADC technology.

Mission and Vision

At Seattle, the team of professionals is committed to changing extraordinary scientific advances into safer and effective solutions for cancer patients. To achieve that, the company conducts rigorous research and development in key areas that need medical attention.

Clay Siegall

Behind the success of Seattle Genetics is Clay Siegall, its founder. For him, it all began with a sick family member that needed urgent medical attention. From a tender age, he decided to dedicate his life to helping such patients because the relative was in tremendous pain. Today, he has led the company to the peak of the targeted therapy industry. As he admits, finding these treatments is work in progress. Therefore, it has taken time and tremendous resources to come up with approved drugs for patients.

Growth and Development

Besides advancing the ADC research, Siegall has propelled the company towards applying its expertise in targets, and antibodies to immune-oncology. The company believes that through the targeted killing of cancer cells, ADCs can become the preferred partner for oncology agents. Therefore, the team of professionals is testing other drugs like enfortumab vedotin and tisotumab vedotin alongside checkpoint inhibitors. Clay Siegall and his team hope to find viable treatments for cancer.