Brian Torchin Helps Chiropractic Offices Find Staff

There are some who work in the healthcare industry by actually dealing with patients daily and there are others who spend their time finding those kind of people and getting them set up in a healthcare practice. Brian Torchin lives in Pennsylvania and he spends his time as a healthcare recruiter, one of the top recruiters in the world. This man started out as a physician but he now has a much different job. He knows about the healthcare industry and what it takes to run a quality chiropractic practice, and that helps him to do a good job of recruiting staff for those who are in need of his services. Read more on about Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin is someone who focuses on the kind of communication that he gets going between physicians and clients. He works on making all of that communication efficient. This man also handles professional consulting work and background checks. He is someone who can be helpful to any physician in a number of ways and he aids those who are running chiropractic offices. Brian Torchin shares blogs on his company’s website, helping people learn through his experiences and knowledge. Those blogs help people learn how they can do an effective job of hiring the employees who will best help them with their work.

Brian Torchin has been talked about because of his honesty and his integrity. He is a man who is fully professional when he is working and he is respected for that. He is someone who will speak in public to help others learn through him, and he has gained a following by doing that. When he was questioned in an interview, Brian Torchin shared that one of the biggest challenges that people face is the challenge of going without the staff that they need. He works hard to get those who turn to him for help set up with staff members quickly. Read This Article:


Ted Bauman On The Limit for State Tax Deductions

Are you worried about the new tax laws? Worry not! Ted Bauman, the editor of the Bauman Letter at Banyan Hill Publishing, has some advice for you that can save you thousands of dollars. The first thing that you may be worrying about is the limit on how much you can deduct from your federal taxes based on what you paid on income taxes to your local and state government, as well as on your property. This can affect people who live in states where such taxes are high, such as in New York. However, Ted Bauman says that in many states, legislators are looking for ways to help out people like you. That is why you should start reading the parts of your newspaper that deal with these issues. Another problem can be if you have a home office, whether you work remotely for a company as an employee or you own your own business. The miscellaneous deductions have been eliminated, which means that you will no longer be able to deduct these things. It is likely that you will see a tax increase if you have always been deducting your home business expenses. Read more about Ted Bauman at Bloomberg

However, Ted Bauman suggests that you find out if your local legislators are looking into ways to turn the taxes you pay to your local government into a tax form that would be deductible for federal tax purposes. If they are not doing that yet, make sure that your voice is heard and tell them that they should start doing it. The same thing applies if you were deducting your home business expenses, says Ted Bauman. It is possible that you can work things out so that you can deduct those things under other sections. Work with a professional who can help you out with that information.

Ted Bauman is the editor of The Banyan Letter and the Plan B Club. The Bauman Letter is published by Banyan Hill Publishing, which was called The Sovereign Society when Ted Bauman joined back in 2013. Ted Bauman’s publication is the largest that is put out by Banyan Hill Publishing. In fact, it has well over one hundred thousand loyal readers who all look towards Ted Bauman for advice and updates on recent financial news. Ted Bauman is an economist by training. He also writes for Alpha Stock Alert.

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Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks

If you have ever met Matt Bdiali, you will quickly realize that he is very big on recommending investments to people. It is one of his driving passions in life to help individuals make big money in their investments. And right now, he is making a strong pitch that you should recommend investing in zinc. Read more reviews at about Matt Badiali.

For clarification, Matt Badiali works with Banyan Hill Publishing, and his recommendation in zinc was based on an earlier prediction that bore a lot of fruit. You see, Badiali realizes that in the investment game, knowledge is power. One of the things investors need to have in all areas is a thorough knowledge of the Bull markets and the Bear markets and how different commodities react when they are in each.

For example, in a Bear market, the mining companies will cut supply. When this happens, it usually means it is the right time to invest, simply because these mining companies will then underinvest in all of the new mines. Anyone who heeded Matt Badiali’s advice in May of 2017 are now sitting on a tremendous 80 percent gain as of today. Of course, Matt realizes that investing can be tough. A lot of people can get burned. He also realizes that when he promises people can make tremendous gain by heeding his advice it sounds like he is a huckster. However, his track record has proven him right time and time again. Follow Matt Badiali on Twitter.

Considering that he was right when it came to zinc, it is probably wise to listen to him when he mentions the concept of “Freedom Checks.” These are companies that are heavily involved in the oil and gas industries. These “Freedom Checks” are issued from companies that are called “Master Limited Partnerships” and they have a track record of making incredible gains for investors. For example, one of Matt Badiali’s personal investments was purchased at .06 a share and shot up to $2.64, almost a 4000% gain!

Does this sound interesting to you? Contact Matt Badiali and subscribe to his newsletter today to learn about even more interesting investments that increase your portfolio!

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Matt Badiali& Banyan Hill

Matt Badiali’s Career History & Background

With the many successful businessmen, entrepreneurs and financial experts that there are in the world, perhaps none have been as quick of an impact as has Matt Badiali been in his career. Having a start in the different career before finding a career as a financial expert, Matt Badiali did not have the same start as most of his peers. Nonetheless, Matt Badiali has still managed to make a name for himself in one of the most difficult fields to work in. Not to mention the competitiveness that the financial and business industry has, and it truly is amazing to reflect on what Matt Badiali has accomplished in his career. In addition to that, when we consider how much relationships and connections he has created along with his career and, it really is no surprise that he has had such a quick and impactful influence in his area of expertise. In fact, by many of his peers, he is already seen as one of the most prominent individuals working in his specific area. Also, by having such a well-rounded career resume, Matt Badiali has also quickly worked his way up towards the top of his field. Needless to say, the way things are going for Matt Badiali, he will be one of the most highly-regarded professionals of his time. With that said, here is more on Matt Badiali and just one of his many successful ventures that have benefited along the way.

More on Matt Badiali& His Role at Banyan Hill

As alluded to before, there are many ways Matt Badiali has had success in such a short period of time. As a true working professional, he has diversified his carer into multiple areas. However, perhaps his most successful and recognized accomplishment has come from his contributions at Banyan Hill. Banyan Hill, which is one of the nations best sources for safe and reliable investing and financial advice, has seen tremendous growth from Matt Badiali’s valued efforts at the company. As senior editor and prominent executive at the company, Matt Badiali himself has benefited from his position there in ways he never imagined. Together, Matt Badiali and Banyan Hill have become one of if not the best combination of company and company leader. All in all, Matt Badiali was destined to thrive as a financial expert. There is no denying that he will continue to succeed at Banyan Hill as he always has. See this Link:

Shervin Pishevar And The Dow Jones Market

Some people are able to predict the market better than others. Shervin Pishevar has made a lot of his fortune from his ability to predict which tech companies will be the most successful. As an early investor in such companies as Uber and Airbnb, it’s no surprise that he has a few predictions about the market in the U.S.

His Predictions

On February 5, Shervin Pishevar tweeted that he had a few thoughts on financial storms that were brewing. He made a prediction that there would be an aggregate 6000 point drop in the coming months.

What Shervin Pishevar was not without some background information. He had 49 additional tweets worth of thoughts, which included how the market has already given up its gains of 2018 and how interest rates are on the rise.

Shervin also explains how the bond market isn’t as deep as it was once believed to be and how many asset classes are being overvalued.

The Dow Jones

The tweets that Shervin Pishevar sent out took a total of 21 hours to be sent. Within 24 hours of those tweets being sent, which were predictions of the economy, the Dow Jones began to crash. Further, S&P was scrambling to find their footing.

In just half an hour, the Dow fell 500 points. While it still has a ways to go to make up the full 6000 points that Shervin Pishevar predicted it would fall in the coming months, it’s certainly headed there. There was a massive sell-off and it was obvious that the markets were nervous.

Industrials, bonds, and indices were not safe. They still aren’t.

It’s unclear as to what made the markets so nervous, but the comments made by Shervin Pishevar on Twitter certainly didn’t help matters. It may be a sign that he is quite capable of spotting trends early on.

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Jose Auriemo Neto: Taking JHFS Onto International Endeavors

José Auriemo Neto is someone who has taken up the family business and turned it into a company worth noting. He stands as the CEO of JHFS, a premier real estate company that has been in his family for generations. The company was first founded by his grandfather who had a love for the real estate industry and wanted to make a name for himself in it. While growing up, José had witnessed how his father and grandfather were running the company. He got hands-on experience of what it would be like to one day lead the company, which is what prepared him for the job to come. However, merely watching his elders work wasn’t enough to get him ready for the position. He knew that if he wanted to make a name for himself, he would have to work hard and learn from the experiences that he would encounter, which is exactly what he did.

As the CEO of the company, José had big plans for it. One of the plans was for international expansion. Before this expansion, JHFS only operated in Brazil, but with the new plans that José implemented, the company now is also operational in the city of New York. As part of the plan, José bought a few high scale apartments in the city and leases it out to clients who want to live in style in the city. Luxury living has always been one of the arrays that the company divulges in, and José took the concept of luxury living to a whole new concept with the expansion to New York. To know more about him click here.

José hopes that in the future, he can take on more large projects that can improve the workings of the company, and give its clients a real estate project that they can invest in.

Matt Badialdi, Senior Editor and Creator of Real Wealth Strategist

Matt Badialdi is Senior Editor for Banyan Hill Group. With plans to become a scientist, Matt Badialdi studied Earth Science at Penn State University. After graduating from Penn State, he earned a M.S. in Geology from Florida Atlantic University. Badialdi had plans to earn a Ph.D but, he decided to craft an investment advice program with a friend of his, whose background was in finance. With Badialdi’s education in earth sciences and his friend’s experience in finance, creating a method to find the best investment options in metals, natural resources, and energy became a huge success.

Matt Badialdi combined his experience in finance, his education in Earth Sciences, and his passion for giving good investment advice by starting an investment newsletter. He started it with Banyan Hill Group in 2017 called Real Wealth Strategist. His newsletter has quickly gained a large number of loyal readers. His advice is strengthened by his “check it out for yourself” approach. Badialdi travels around the world and meets with CEOs, researches mines and oil projects in person, and interviews experts. This hands-on experience allows Badialdi to give his readers the best and most accurate advice possible.

Matt Badialdi is quickly becoming famous for coining the term “freedom checks“. These checks almost sound too good to be true, and many people were skeptical about their legitimacy when Badialdi first began talking about them. The program that Badialdi is referring to is, in fact, a legitimate investment. Badialdi’s freedom checks stems from investing in Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs). These types of partnerships pass the majority of their profit on to their shareholders, therefore shareholders are known to get larger than normal returns on their investments. The partnerships do this several times a year, and this is what Badialdi refers to as freedom checks.

A connection between investment advice and earth sciences may not be the most obvious, or the first idea that comes to mind. Matt Badialdi found the connection and is now one of the leading investment advisors in that field. With the level of dedication and commitment that Badialdi puts into his work, his readers and clients can be sure that Matt Badiali will always have their best interests in the forefront of his work.

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Organo Gold Founder Bernardo Chua: Award-Winning Network Marketing Industry Executive

Innovative businessman Bernardo Chua is making his mark in the network marketing industry. His company, Organo Gold, has enjoyed remarkable growth since it was founded 10 years ago. Not long ago Chua did not know much about network marketing. He was introduced to it by a company called Gano Excel. They offered him a position marketing their ganoderma infused products in the Philippines. Chua had learned about the benefits ganoderma mushrooms offered and was glad for the chance to tell as many people as possible about it. Plus, he has a naturally engaging personality and was able to gain people’s trust. Read more on Business for Home for more info.

Within three years of Chua working with Gano Excel, he expanded their customer base to include Honk Kong, Canada and the United States. Bernardo Chua then moved to the U.S. and served as the president of the newly formed Gano Excel USA. Under Chua’s leadership the company quickly became wildly successful. He was able to build a marketing network that contain over 800,000 people and had millions of customers. People loved the many benefits they enjoyed from ingesting the company’s products which contained extracts from the ganoderma mushroom. Chua and Gano Excel also won several network marketing industry awards.

Bernardo Chua decided to start his own network marketing company in 2008. He called the new company Organo Gold. It offers an array of products containing extracts from the ganoderma mushroom and grapeseed oil. Chua also invested a great deal in educating customers about the benefits the ganoderma mushroom has to offer. Plus, he hired some of the leading organic farmers to grow the highest quality ganoderma mushrooms possible and offered the products he made from them to his marketing team at a reduced rate. This enabled them to proper greatly and become willing to introduce even more consumers to Organo Gold products.

Since becoming involved in network marketing, Chua’s companies have won ‘Network Marketing Company Of the Year’ five times. Chua himself has won numerous awards and accolades for his work. Plus, both Organo Gold customers and the network marketing team love Chua for the benefits his products provide. Read more:


Matt Badiali shares his experiences and has traveled all over the world

Matt Badiali has a passion for the planet and its natural resources. He has studies them for over 20 years. His hands on approach gives him a unique perspective that he shares with his subscribers. Mr. Badiali launched Real Wealth Strategist, a newsletter where he recommends specific natural resource stocks. He joined with Banyan Hill Publishing in 2017 to accomplish this goal.

The Geologist was educated at Penn State University and received a Bachelor of Science in Geological and Earth Sciences, plus Geosciences in 1992. At Florida Atlantic University he received a Masters in Earth Sciences and Geology in 2000. Five years later he got a Ph.D (except for the dissertation) in Sedimentary Geology at the University of Carolina at Chapel Hill. Matt has traveled all over the world to see these resources where they come from. He has been to Turkey, Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Singapore, Iraq, Switzerland, and Haiti. Mr. Badiali also teaches Geology at the University of North Carolina. He is also a Geologist and Analyst at Stansberry Research. More updates about Matt Badiali at

His readers of Real Wealth Strategist have already gotten a lot out of it. They have made double and triple digit gains so far. Matt also draws from his life experiences to help people invest in these precious natural resources, especially from his travels. With all of this knowledge and research he is pretty aware of upcoming trends and what’s going on in the world. Badiali says that electric cars are going to be the wave of the future and to invest now in them. More and more the humankind are finding alternative ways to power their lives. This incredible technology is most certainly going to change the world for the better.

Looking back on his life there are a few things Matt would do differenly. He would be an intern at companies that were in line with his career aspirations. He would get his foot in the door, build up a nice list of contacts, and then grow from there. With a long working history Badiali says he had a terrible job early in his career. It was to collect contaminated samples of dirt and water, which could be dangerous at the same time. To escape this horrendous job Matt would have to go to graduate school, a smart move in the end. If he could give one piece of advice to readers is to read as much as you can. It is a smart way to expand the mind and also be educated on what’s going on in the world.

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Troy McQuagge’s HOPE Initiative Makes Waves

Troy McQuagge is the president of USHA/USHEALTH. McQueagge created the mission of “Helping Other People Everyday” in 2010 as the company started to grow. Troy McQuagge is now the President and CEO and has taken the company to new heights and to the ultimate of success. When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, Troy McQuagge and his team started the first HOPE project and joined up with other companies that were partnered with the Phoenix of New Orleans organization. They joined forces and helped rebuild the homes that the hurricane hit the worst. They made sure that the people had safe places to reside back in New Orleans.

In 2011 McQuagge and HOPE continued his mission. They began to supply loads of clothes, shoes, baby products and many more supplies for the Crisis Nursey. Crisis Nursey is a non-profit childrens shelter organization that was located in the Phoenix/Scottsdale metropolitan area.

Troy McQuagge Son whole idea behind the mission “HOPE” is that he believes that “Every company has a ‘soul’ and that it should be the core of who the comapany and the employees really are.” The company believes that it’s mission is to help the people and help others in every way they can.

Troy McQuagge’s Hope program has since then gone on to become an inspiration to other people and companies. It has even created a whole entire movement that ended up spreading to the USHEALTH Advisors Agents in other communities all over America. Read more about Troy McQuagge Son at

In Brevard County Florida, Division Leader Elizabeth Byrne and the team at her local USHA office decided to go on a mission of HOPE as well in their own community in Palm Bay. The team ended up joining on the USHA which was an organization that worked with Homes for Warriors on destroyed, cleanup and sodding in order to create new homes that would to be donated, which is mortgage free, to every Army Specialist and their family.

The Sr. VP, Bill Shelton, of USHA, has said that HOPE has became a mission that is what they have dedicated their lives to providing ever since they have became USHEALTH Advisors”

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